31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam highlights multilateralism at Indo-Pacific forum
The framework is a new kind of trade agreement focusing on an interconnected, clean, resilient, and fair economy.
11:10, 2022/10/14
Biden nominates ambassador to ASEAN
With the nomination, Biden seeks to send the message to the region in which he stressed the importance of the relationship with the 10-member bloc, calling it “critical.”
22:21, 2021/21/27
ASEAN+3 countries to prioritize Covid-19 response and recovery plan
The three countries pledged to continue vaccines and medical equipment donations to ASEAN countries.
10:04, 2021/04/09
US to promote renewable development in Vietnam
Vietnam is committed to stepping up efforts against climate change and transition towards a green economy, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has said.
21:35, 2021/35/25
Today’s Covid News: US retail groups call on Biden to donate more vaccines to Vietnam
Vietnam is seeking different ways to get more vaccines and speeding up its inoculation campaign.
05:24, 2021/24/28
Strengthening alliance for common goals
The US needs Japan and South Korea more than ever before dealing with China and North Korea.
15:33, 2021/33/26
Making world politic with world climate
Unlike his predecessors, Joe Biden seems to realize that America's future depends on ecological economies and climate technologies.
15:58, 2021/58/21
Historic or Fateful?
Biden’s decision to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan could be the until now most important one, even might be historic or also fatefully fatal for the US.
12:53, 2021/53/12
Constructive, positive and encouraging
The most important and decisive thing just now is that both the US and Iran already show their intension to commonly return to the JCPOA.
10:45, 2021/45/02
Old tactics for the new game
With the new administration in the US, a new game between the US and North Korea would begin.
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