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Hanoi – New expectations and optimism
Hai Yen 10:37, 2023/08/05
The expansion of Hanoi's administrative boundaries has led to significant economic and social achievements and created a positive impact on people's lives.

Experts shared with The Hanoi Times their expectations and optimism for Hanoi after the 15th anniversary of administrative boundary expansion.

Former Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists Association Ho Quang Loi: Leading role in innovation, digital transformation

 Former Vice Chairman of Vietnam Journalists Association Ho Quang Loi.

Over the past 15 years, the implementation of National Assembly Resolution 15, which adjusted the administrative boundaries of Hanoi and related provinces, has proven to be a momentous and significant decision.

This adjustment has resulted in a unified and diverse Hanoi, emphasizing harmony and unity within the political system and serving the country's welfare more effectively.

Hanoi's cultural development has been particularly remarkable, bringing together the rich heritage of the Thang Long and Doai cultures. This fusion has led to remarkable progress in culture and people's well-being.

Previously, cultural behavior was a concern, but now encouraging changes have been observed. Hanoi has introduced various programs and resolutions on cultural development, established codes of conduct, and transformed itself into an attractive and safe destination. It has become a prominent integration hub in the country, proudly representing Vietnam to the international community.

Looking ahead, the city should focus on building the cultural industry and take the lead as a cultural capital and science and technology center. The goal is for the cultural industry to contribute at least 10% to the city's GDP.

Priority should be given to the development of Hanoi's people, and innovative strategies should be formulated to further promote the cultivation of elegant and civilized citizens. Efforts to build significant cultural works should also be intensified.

Furthermore, the city must continue its efforts to develop infrastructure and technical systems. Administrative reform should be prioritized to create an exemplary investment environment that attracts businesses and harnesses the potential of intellectual and technological knowledge. Hanoi should strive to be a leading force in innovation and digital transformation, making the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park a true driver of its development.

Standing member of the Culture-Education Committee of the National Assembly Bui Hoai Son: Striving for core values

 Standing member of the Culture-Education Committee of the National Assembly Bui Hoai Son.


The expansion of Hanoi's administrative boundaries has led to significant economic and social achievements and had a positive impact on people's lives.

The move has resulted in the establishment of new administrative units and the improvement of infrastructure and public services.

The proposed future development strategies, such as investing in transport infrastructure, promoting industrial development, preserving cultural values, and enhancing the quality of public services, are indeed essential and valid. These measures will foster better connectivity, attract investment and support the sustainable development of the city.

However, to ensure successful development, it is crucial to adapt and efficiently mobilize resources and management capacity, while prioritizing transparency, fairness, and effectiveness in governance. Community participation and consultation in policy decisions and local development plans should be actively sought to ensure that the interests and aspirations of the people are taken into account.

Moreover, environmental protection and social security must be prioritized as critical components of sustainable development. It is essential to implement compatible measures and policies to mitigate negative impacts on the environment and public health.

In conclusion, the expansion has yielded positive results, and the proposed future development directions are sound and necessary. 

Former Director of Hanoi’s Department of Culture and Sports Nguyen Viet Chuc: Preserving and promoting cultural integration

 Former Director of Hanoi’s Department of Culture and Sports Nguyen Viet Chuc.

Over the past 15 years, the expansion of Hanoi's administrative boundaries following Resolution 15 has not resulted in any significant cultural shocks, which can be attributed to the fact that Hanoi and Ha Tay Province (now part of Hanoi) were already part of the same cultural region in the Red River Delta, sharing a common history of existence and development.

The close links between the two regions, in terms of agriculture, rural areas and people, facilitated a smooth integration.

Hanoi's cultural potential is immense, and the city has actively embraced national directives for cultural development, such as the 13th Party Congress Resolution on Culture and the National Cultural Conference 2021.

Hanoi's proactive approach and commitment to cultural development have been recognized with the prestigious designation of "Creative City" by UNESCO. This recognition highlights Hanoi's leadership and pioneering role in promoting cultural growth and creativity.

Head of the Public Policy Department at the Vietnam National University Le Duy Anh: Focusing on science and technology

 Head of the Public Policy Department at the Vietnam National University Le Duy Anh

To promote the development of science and technology, it is crucial to concentrate resources on key projects, rather than spreading investment over a large number of small projects, which can lead to inefficiency and fail to produce significant breakthroughs.

A key aspect is the city's recruitment, employment, and remuneration policies, which should be designed to attract high-quality human resources. Hanoi can experiment with giving units more autonomy in allocating resources and paying salaries, allowing them to attract talented individuals without being constrained by civil servant compensation policies.

Hanoi's preparation to take over the management of the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park is a crucial step in advancing the city's scientific and technological progress.

Anticipation is high among young people and professionals in the field, who eagerly await innovative policies within the park.

To facilitate this transition, the municipality needs to give priority to implementing mechanisms and policies that address challenges and maximize incentives to businesses and educational institutions to invest in the park. Establishing a dedicated working group of experts can expedite and streamline the process of taking over Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, ensuring a smooth and efficient handover.

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