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UPU’s International Letter-Writing Competition 2022 kicks-off
In response to the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference, UPU’s theme for 2022 competition gives young people a chance to raise their voice on climate crisis.
14:02, 2021/11/25
Hanoi set to honor 200 outstanding businesses during Covid-19 pandemic
The event would serve as a platform for dialogue between city leaders and the business community to discuss solutions for the economy to overcome difficulties and thrive in the post-pandemic period.
16:23, 2021/11/23
Hanoi begins inoculating children with Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines
The Hanoi Health Department allocated 304,140 doses to 30 districts to give the first jab to children aged 15-17 studying and living in the city.
15:19, 2021/11/22
99% of businesses in Hanoi plan to use e-invoices: Mayor
Hanoi would create the utmost convenience for businesses and taxpayers to turn to e-invoicing and address their concerns during the process, the city’s mayor has said.
14:02, 2021/11/22
Cold spell hits Hanoi and northern Vietnam
It will be cold and wet on Monday and Tuesday before becoming dry and frigid from Wednesday.
17:42, 2021/11/21
Hanoi to ensure flexible pandemic response in new normal: Official
Hanoi has ramped up its Covid-19 treatment capabilities.
21:00, 2021/11/20
Hanoi set to begin vaccinating children in coming days
Hanoi is ready to vaccinate children aged 12-17 in the safest, earliest and most effective manner.
22:40, 2021/11/17
Hanoi, Vientiane discuss cooperation in the new phase
“Enhancing the ties with Lao’s localities, especially Vientiane, has always been the priority of Hanoi.”
07:35, 2021/11/17
Hanoi to pilot home quarantine for Covid-19 close contacts
The move come as Hanoi is preparing for a surge in the number of new Covid-19 cases.
16:24, 2021/11/15
Comprehensive strategy for urban railways to form backbone of Hanoi mass transit network
Passenger traffic of public transportation makes up only 17% of the total volume of passenger transport in Hanoi, which should be doubled in the coming time to keep up with the city’s rapid urbanization rate.
18:10, 2021/11/12
Hanoi spends US$7.5 million on upgrading its biggest landfill
The upgrading will help expand the landfill's capacity, protect the environment, and prevent diseases in its surrounding areas.
18:16, 2021/11/11
Hanoi 2021 Promotion Month kicks off
Promotion Month is an opportunity for enterprises to recover and expand production activities during the year-end period.
17:24, 2021/11/06
Hanoi to honor favorite Vietnamese products and services 2021 on November 10
The 2021 "Favorite Vietnamese Goods" voting event is expected to aid Hanoi's economic recovery.
14:33, 2021/11/06
Hanoi promotes rapid and sustainable business development
The main objective of Hanoi’s economic recovery plan is to timely address the bottlenecks that are restricting business operation for the soon resumption of economic activities.
12:36, 2021/11/06
Vietnam’s first metro route opens
The route will help increase the number of public transport users and ease traffic congestion.
23:35, 2021/11/04
Hanoi’s first metro line to start operating from Nov 6
The China-financed urban railway took 10 years of construction and exceeded 205% of the initial investment.
21:40, 2021/11/03
Hanoi eyes GRDP growth of over 3% in 2021
A key part of the city’s efforts is to address difficulties facing the businesses, helping them return to normal operation as soon as possible.
18:30, 2021/11/03
Hanoi to hold dialogue with local businesses this month
The dialogue aims at improving the business environment and enhancing national competitiveness in 2021.
22:18, 2021/11/02
Hanoi, WB enhances cooperation toward sustainable growth
Hanoi needs foreign investment, preferential loans, and official development assistance.
19:38, 2021/11/02
Hanoians urged to keep vigilant and be prepared for all eventualities
Hanoians in every residential group, in every hamlet have the responsibility to protect themselves from Covid-19.
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