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Xoe Thai dance sets record
Ngo Minh 21:08, 2024/05/08
The Dance Circle sets a record for Xoe Thai as the most performed dance in Vietnam and Laos.

A circle of Muong Thanh - the Xoe Thai dance (traditional dance of the Thai people) performed by more than 2,000 people in Vietnam and Laos has set a record in Vietnam.

This is an event under the auspices of Muong Thanh Hospitality Group in a series of activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Victory (May 7, 1954-2024) and Visit Vietnam Year - Dien Bien 2024.  

The Xoe Dance Circle started in Dien Bien Phu City, then spread to all provinces and cities in the country, reaching Ly Son, Phu Quoc Islands, through Laos and ending in Hanoi.

After this performance, the Vietnam Records Organization officially registered the record of A circle of Muong Thanh as Xoe Thai dance performance in most places.

Performers perform Xoe Thai dance in Hanoi before receiving Vietnam's records. Photo: Muong Thanh Hospitality Group

The Xoe Thai dance performance was performed by more than 2,000 people at 42 venues, including hotels and member units of the Muong Thanh Hospitality Group throughout the country and Laos from May 2 to 7.

Xoe Thai performances were held in many public places so that the public could immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere with Northwest influences and learn more about Vietnam's Xoe Thai heritage.

The organizers said this record was inspired by the famous Dien Bien Phu Victory. Dien Bien is also the land of convergence of the cultural quintessence of the Thai ethnic people in the northwest, the most typical of which is the Xoe dance, which was added to the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity by the United Nations cultural agency UNESCO in 2021.

Through a large-scale Xoe Thai dance performance, the organizing committee hopes to widely promote the unique cultural beauty of the northwest mountainous region of Vietnam to the public and international friends. In doing so, they wish to send a message about the mission of preserving and promoting the nation's cultural and historical values to today's generations.

The dance reflects the Thai people's view of the world, including heaven, earth and the gods. The dance is a symbol of love, from the love of work to the love of couples. It also shows their wishes for happiness, health and prosperity. The basic dance movements involve raising, opening, lowering, and holding other people's hands along with rhythmic footwork. People often gather in a circle holding hands to show solidarity.

In the beginning, the dance was very simple with no set process. It was often mixed with props such as fans, scarves, and hats. Gradually it became more sophisticated as the dancers' skills improved. 

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