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Vietnam seeks ways to boost competitiveness of tourism
Vietnam strives to restore tourism back to the state of 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out.
19:28, 2022/08/09
Digital transformation matters a lot to economic integration: Vietnamese PM
Vietnam’s digital transformation is designed to be based on three main pillars namely institution, infrastructure, and manpower.
06:52, 2022/08/09
ASEAN: 55 years of unification and development
ASEAN has become the world's most successful bloc developing based on three pillars: politics-security, socio-culture, and economics.
17:36, 2022/08/08
Spain recognizes Vietnam's new passport
Vietnamese, who wish to apply for visas, need to bring their new passports and identity cards to verify their place of birth.
17:23, 2022/08/08
ASEAN flag raising ceremony held in Hanoi
The ceremony is solemnly held annually in all member states on the occasion of the bloc anniversary, which falls on August 8.
17:09, 2022/08/08
Colorful images of ASEAN on display in Hanoi
The exhibition "ASEAN Cultural Colours" runs until August 12 at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.
01:42, 2022/08/08
Spanish judge returns passport to Vietnamese accused of raping adolescent
The two men had been arrested for more than one month.
14:56, 2022/08/05
Vietnam to add information in new passports following non-recognition in some countries
Vietnam will add the place of birth on the remark page of the holder's passport.
12:45, 2022/08/05
ASEAN warns of unpredictable consequences over Taiwan
ASEAN top diplomats expressed their concern about possible miscalculations, serious confrontations, and open conflicts.
18:49, 2022/08/04
Awareness of environmental protection in Vietnam raised: Deputy PM
Environmental issues have drawn the attention of all stakeholders in Vietnam, from kids to adults, and from experts to common people.
17:24, 2022/08/04
Vietnamese airlines advised to cancel flights over Taiwan
China’s exercises near Taiwan will affect the flights from Vietnam to the US, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.
15:21, 2022/08/04
Vietnam expands relations with ASEAN Partners
Canada, New Zealand, and the UK are three out of 11 Dialogue Partners of ASEAN.
18:13, 2022/08/03
ASEAN Foreign Ministers gather in Phnom Penh for key issues
The AMM will touch on regional and international issues, especially the pressing security challenges that risk destabilizing regional peace and stability.
17:38, 2022/08/03
Vietnamese diplomat cements Australia and Vietnam relations
Through her frequent interaction with the public, especially youth, women, and the media, Madam Ninh is known as one of the public figures with an influential voice in Vietnam.
20:26, 2022/08/02
UNDP intensifies mangrove afforestation in Vietnam
Mangroves and storm-resilient houses are proved to be the best choices against climate change for coastal areas in Vietnam in a five-year project starting in 2017, with support of UNDP and GCF.
00:00, 2022/08/02
Greece hails Vietnam’s role in region
Vietnam is regarded as an interesting interlocutor for Greece in Southeast Asia.
22:27, 2022/08/01
Vietnam, India hold military exercise
Ex VINBAX 2022 is a major milestone in strengthening the bilateral relations between Vietnam and India.
14:06, 2022/08/01
Vietnam attends World Cities Summit
Representatives from Vietnam and foreign delegates have exchanged strategies for the development of e-government and smart cities.
18:04, 2022/07/31
Vietnam to remove barriers for South Korean businesses
South Korean investors have poured US$79 billion into 19 out of 21 economic sectors in Vietnam.
06:11, 2022/07/23
Defense ties with India are aimed at peace, security and development, Hanoi says
Vietnam has become an important partner in India’s Act East policy and Indo-Pacific vision.
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