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Many countries support ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar
They said a peaceful and non-violent resolution of the crisis and return to democracy is a matter of urgency.
16:49, 2021/10/18
YSEALI alumni – future leaders of Southeast Asia: Blinken
YSEALI is a public diplomacy program designed to advance regional strategic goals and link those emerging leaders to the US.
21:24, 2021/10/17
More remains of US servicemen in Vietnam repatriated
More than one-third of unaccounted US servicemen have been found by joint efforts since 1973.
16:15, 2021/10/16
Vietnam and Australia target mutual goal of becoming top 10 trading partners
Economic ties become key in the strategic partnership that was set up in 2018.
22:02, 2021/10/15
Vietnam receives 4 million vaccine doses donated by Italy, Poland, South Korea
Three donors have special relationships with Vietnam as they are either long-lasting friends or strategic investors.
17:45, 2021/10/15
US$30 million climate change adaptation project launched in Vietnam
The project, funded by the Green Climate Fund, aims to strengthen the resilience of smallholder agriculture to climate change-hit water insecurity areas.
09:01, 2021/10/15
Vietnam appoints 8 ambassadors for 2021-2024 term
The ambassadors are tasked with building trust and promoting overseas Vietnamese missions.
21:47, 2021/10/14
Vietnam supports drug-free ASEAN
Vietnam has amended the law to join the regional efforts against drug trafficking.
05:44, 2021/10/14
Vietnam calls for joint efforts to support women in Covid-19
Vietnam highlights the role of women in ensuring global security, economic growth, social progress, and overcoming the adverse consequences of the pandemic.
21:58, 2021/10/13
Hanoi to resume dine-in services, public transport on Oct 14
Hanoi said it prepares for vaccinating children right after the vaccines arrive in Vietnam.
17:55, 2021/10/13
Vietnam receives 2 million US-donated vaccine doses in one week
The support has ranked Vietnam one of the largest recipients of US vaccine donation in Asia.
15:35, 2021/10/13
Flexible adaptation - Vietnam's right track in Covid-19 pandemic
The new strategy will enable Vietnam to pursue vaccination-based recovery plans.
21:59, 2021/10/12
Vietnam witnesses a drop in new cases, fatalities
Vietnam decided to switch to flexible adaptation to Covid-19 to pursue its recovery plans.
17:53, 2021/10/12
Vietnam to resume intercity railway service on Oct 13
Compliance with safety requirements will lead to more costs for bus operators amid low demand.
19:46, 2021/10/11
10 years of Vietnam-Germany strategic partnership: momentum for next decades
The 10-year partnership will enable both countries to maintain the development momentum in the next decades as they share mutual interests, support each other in various areas.
18:51, 2021/10/09
Hanoi to resume domestic flights from Oct 10
Nearly 20 air routes will be reopened, with the majority connecting Ho Chi Minh City and localities.
19:54, 2021/10/08
Wellness: one of Vietnam tourism’s keys in future
Vietnam is expected to focus on developing wellness and healthcare tourism in the coming time.
19:50, 2021/10/08
US boosts Covid-19 vaccine donations to Vietnam
Washington said more doses are on the way to Vietnam.
14:55, 2021/10/08
UK's Mine Advisory Group helps eliminate landmine impact in Vietnam
MAG’s ultimate goal in Vietnam is to reduce the risk of unexploded ordnance and make the land safe to support socio-economic development.
22:11, 2021/10/07
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam favors kinds of vaccines in immunity passports
Vietnam welcomed double-dosed visitors from Sept 26 as part of efforts to adopt vaccine passports.
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