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Capital Law revision helps Hanoi promote role as nation’s socio-economic hub
Amending the Capital Law is vital to align it with a comprehensive vision that matches the capital's development momentum, harmonizing economic, cultural, and social progress.
19:54, 2024/03/06
Important draft law on Hanoi to be approved in May: NA Chairman
The public wants the amended Capital Law and the General Planning for the Development of Hanoi to be approved as soon as possible to create momentum for the city to move forward.
10:55, 2024/03/06
Making Hanoi a livable metropolis
To make urban areas livable, user-friendly and smart residential areas requires the joint efforts of all stakeholders.
21:56, 2023/12/01
Amended Capital Law ensures sufficient resources for Hanoi’s development quest: Mayor
It remains a primary law establishing a distinct legal framework for the capital.
19:16, 2023/12/03
Amended Capital Law helps bolster urban railway connectivity to Hanoi’s periphery
The draft amended Capital Law is aimed at facilitating Hanoi’s utilization of land resources for the development of urban railways.
17:27, 2023/11/29
Amended Capital Law urged to provide incentives for talents: Experts
Hanoi should consider adopting policies similar to those in other countries that provide tuition assistance, salaries, and pre-graduation employment commitments to high-potential talents.
21:28, 2023/11/27
Amended Capital Law raises development standards above national average
Well-designed mechanisms will make Hanoi a driving force for socio-economic development while ensuring national defense, security, and cultural advancement.
15:22, 2023/11/22
Amended Capital Law drives Hanoi for higher results: Specialists
Ten years after the enactment of the 2012 Capital Law, the capital city is in need of a new mechanism for better socio-economic development.
15:08, 2023/11/21
Draft amended Capital Law to accelerate urban railway projects
The draft law aims to redirect investment from being channeled mainly into housing and commercial center development projects to infrastructure projects such as urban railways.
15:34, 2023/11/14
Talent attraction a focal point in amended Capital Law
A work environment that fosters creativity and innovation and provides opportunities for talented individuals to grow plays a pivotal role in building their loyalty and unleashing their potential.
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