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Foreign consultants: Option for Hanoi in drafting key planning
This is among a series of proposals made by the Hanoi People’s Committee to amend the Capital Law.
22:11, 2023/09/23
Hanoi must highlight talent recruitment in the amended Capital Law: law lecturers
By the end of 2022, a total of more than 2,060 outstanding graduates from Hanoi's universities and colleges have been honored.
09:26, 2023/09/23
Decentralizaion on agenda for Hanoi decision makers
The Law would establish a transformative mechanism that can mobilize all available resources and effectively harness the potential and strengths of the capital, facilitating its continued rapid and sustainable development.
22:42, 2023/08/16
Amended Capital Law urged to promote priority fields essential for Hanoi’s development
The amendment of the 2012 Capital Law becomes imperative to introduce innovative and groundbreaking mechanisms, pool all available resources, and harness potential and strengths effectively for the development of Hanoi.
07:54, 2023/08/17
Hanoi to promote people-to-people diplomacy in amended Capital Law
People-to-people diplomacy has become a key task in Hanoi’s development, particularly in the face of deepening international integration.
17:30, 2023/09/15
Capital Law should help Hanoi attract multinationals: Expert
To further bolster its appeal, Hanoi should establish regulations that provide favorable living, working, and educational conditions for investors' family members.
21:28, 2023/09/18
Revising Capital Law opens door to Hanoi's prosperity: Mayor
The amended Capital Law strongly emphasizes decentralization, a reinvigorated governance model, and an enhancement of the capital's self-governance and accountability across all facets of its socioeconomic landscape.
22:51, 2023/09/15
Upcoming Capital Law to help Hanoi address pollution issues
Hanoi magnetizes a substantial labor force from cities and provinces across the country, putting a strain on urban infrastructure.
14:05, 2023/08/18
Capital Law to serve as catalyst for urban railway development
Sluggish road development due to challenges such as compensation and site clearance issues, as well as budget constraints, hindered progress.
16:40, 2023/07/26
Capital Law revision removes roadblocks to Hanoi’s development: Parliament chairman
The law enables Hanoi to mobilize, manage and utilize resources efficiently.
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