31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam to license 5G commercialization in 2022
5G is predicted to become the dominant mobile access technology in 2027.
13:12, 2021/12/28
Hanoi to cover 5G in IPs, schools, hospitals and tourist sites by 2030
The city plans to be one of the five localities leading digital transformation in Vietnam by 2025.
13:33, 2021/33/12
National digital transformation relies on innovation: PM
More policies will be devised to mobilize social resources for the development of strategic infrastructure and spearhead economic fields.
13:30, 2021/30/10
VinSmart no longer manufactures smartphones in Vietnam
The Vietnamese tech company will develop smart cars, homes and cities in the coming time.
11:38, 2021/38/17
Hanoi to boost 4G and 5G deployment for digital economy
Hanoi continues to promote infrastructure development for 5G network in the coming years as 5G is an indispensable foundation for the digital economy.
16:23, 2021/23/25
Vietnam stops producing, importing 2G, 3G mobile phones from July 1
The number of feature phones is dropping to less than 5% and would plunge faster in the coming time.
05:35, 2020/35/24
2021 is a year to boost Vietnam technology development: ICT Minister
More than 1,000 digital enterprises attended the national forum on digital technology on December 23 in Hanoi.
00:54, 2020/54/27
Vietnam ready to commercialize 5G by 2021
Commercializing 5G by 2021 is a target for Vietnam to implement the national digital transformation.
11:37, 2020/37/03
Vietnam gov’t warns of interest groups profiteering from SOE privatization
The government would continue to hold majority stakes at state-owned commercial banks, and maintain presence in companies operating in fields that are essential to the economy.
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