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Vietnam should become an agricultural superpower: Prime Minister
Ngoc Thuy 16:40, 2020/12/29
In the process of economic development, Vietnam must focus on enhancing the growth quality and push for economic restructuring, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has said.

As part of the efforts to catch up with regional and world countries in certain economic fields and sectors, Vietnam will prioritize to become the world’s next agricultural superpower with modern and efficient food processing industry.

 Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the conference. Photo: Quang Hieu. 

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc made the statement at the second working day of the national conference between the central government and provinces/cities on December 29.

“For next year, the government targets a GDP growth of at least 6.5%, while preparing the fundamental conditions to accelerate the development process in 2022,” noted Mr. Phuc.

“In economic development, Vietnam must focus on enhancing the growth quality and push for economic restructuring,” he added.

Looking back at the 2016-20 period and especially in 2020, the Vietnam PM said the country has successfully realized the dual target of both containing the pandemic and boosting economic recovery.

“The government has been able to keep a stable macro-economic environment, while an all-time high disbursement rate of public investment and efforts in administrative reform also contributed to the country’s positive economic growth,” stated Mr. Phuc.

For 2021, Mr. Phuc urged government agencies and provinces/cities to change their mindset and act more drastically to overcome difficulties and look for opportunities for growth.

“Vietnam should grasp opportunities from the Industry 4.0 and a global shift in investment capital with both hands,” added Mr. Phuc.

According to Mr. Phuc, Vietnam’s cultural value, the inner strength in each Vietnamese and the unity of the entire nation are driving the country forward and narrowing the development gap with other countries.

 Overview of the conference. Photo: Quang Hieu. 

To ensure stable socio-economic development, Mr. Phuc reiterated the necessity to maintain macro-economic foundation, while a high inflation could pose risks to the economy.

“The Vietnamese economy should continue to maintain its dynamism and creativity in a rapid and sustainable manner,” he stated.

Mr. Phuc requested provinces/cities to keep improving efficiency in State governance by streamlining the apparatus and greater decentralization in the decision-making process.

While socio-economic development remains a focus, the PM urged localities to pay attention to the environmental issue, noting the government’ stance of rejecting a trade-off between economic development and environmental sustainability.

“There will be strict punishment to those responsible for environmental pollution,” Mr. Phuc added, while welcoming the initiative of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development to plant one billion trees.

Ensuring a happy Tet for all

As a new year is nearing, PM Phuc requested localities to stay focus in the Covid-19 fight and ensure sufficient supplies of basic necessities in all circumstances, preventing price hike ahead of the Tet holiday.

“Authorities in each province/city must take greater responsibilities in ensuring a happy and safe celebration of the upcoming Tet, especially the vulnerable people or those in remote and disaster-hit areas,” stated Mr. Phuc.

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