Food prices rise slightly ahead of first full moon
Demand for fresh foods increases ahead of the Ram Thang Gieng (the first full moon of the lunar year) as usual, but market prices have barely changed.
11:35, 2023/02/02
Hanoi tightens food safety management after Tet
Local authorities will take strong measures to ensure food safety in the kitchens of industrial parks, schools, and government agencies.
20:00, 2023/01/25
Warm shelter for the homeless in Hanoi
Thirty-nine homeless people enjoyed their Tet at the Hanoi Center for Social Affairs and Children Protection.
14:15, 2023/01/22
Tet enriches love for Vietnam each year: Germany lecturer
Dr. Thomas Guidat, who celebrated five Tets (the Lunar New Year) in Vietnam, said his experience of the traditional Vietnamese holiday is “unforgettable.”
23:52, 2023/01/21
Vietnamese people eager to celebrate Lunar New Year
In big cities, crowds enjoy good moments together in celebration of Tet.
17:18, 2023/01/20
Serene calm reigns Hanoi ahead of Tet
After millions of people have left the capital for their hometowns, Hanoi becomes calm, a rarity in one of the country's busiest cities.
18:00, 2023/01/13
Noi Bai airport expects to welcome hundreds of thousands of travelers in Tet
The airport authorities have taken measures to prepare for a throughput of over 100,000 passengers per day during Tet holiday.
15:32, 2023/01/11
Spring calligraphic festival returns after two years
A two-week calligraphic festival will feature 50 calligraphers showing their writing skills and various activities to celebrate the upcoming Tet holiday.
11:22, 2023/01/07
Hanoi's downtown street decked out in red as Lunar New Year approaches
Hanoians are flocking to Hang Ma Street to purchase traditional objects and decorations for the Lunar New Year.
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