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Vietnam elected vice chair of key UNESCO committee
UNESCO appreciated Vietnam's policies and practical measures to promote intangible cultural heritage as a driving force for sustainable development.
22:12, 2023/12/11
Golden seal's return nominated among 10 most significant cultural events of 2023
According to the Cultural Heritage Administration, the return of the Emperor's Golden Seal reaffirms the Party and State's stance on preserving and promoting cultural heritage values.
21:37, 2023/12/11
Vietnam, Cambodia target US$20 billion bilateral trade turnover
Currently, Vietnam leads ASEAN in direct investment in Cambodia, with over 200 valid projects.
14:39, 2023/12/11
Nature-based solutions: Good approach for Vietnam to fight climate crisis
With high biodiversity, nature-based solutions become a cost-effective way to harness the power of nature in the climate-vulnerable country of Vietnam.
21:27, 2023/11/09
Vietnam calls for immediate ceasefire in Israel-Hamas conflict
Vietnam strongly condemns the violent attacks against civilians, humanitarian workers, journalists, and critical infrastructure.
21:23, 2023/11/09
Thirteen Vietnamese arrive home safe and sound from Israel: MOFA
Vietnamese people are advised to continue leaving Israel for safety.
20:56, 2023/11/09
Vietnamese President to visit US
President Vo Van Thuong's bilateral activities in the US aim to realize cooperation agreements, which the leaders of both countries initiated during President Joe Biden's visit to Vietnam in September.
14:35, 2023/11/09
“Pioneer the Possible”: Swedish expertise for Vietnam’s engagement in co-innovation
The model from Sweden with support from leading Swedish companies helps foster collaboration to inspire the next generation in Vietnam who will pioneer positive change.
14:00, 2023/11/09
Vietnam news in brief - November 9
Find out what is happening in Vietnam today.
17:37, 2023/11/08
Minister of Culture focuses on National Target Program on culture
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is designing a National Program of Objectives with nine component projects for human and cultural development.
14:56, 2023/11/08
Vietnam news in brief - November 8
Check out the latest news in Vietnam today.
14:33, 2023/11/07
Vietnam news in brief - November 7
Check out the latest events in Vietnam today.
07:52, 2023/11/07
Vietnam’s 1st National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security on the way
The National Action Plan helps shape the future of women and girls in Vietnam and the country’s peace and security.
14:48, 2023/11/06
Vietnam news in brief - November 6
Check out the latest events around Vietnam.
07:54, 2023/11/06
Medicine conference highlights Vietnam-France friendship
The conference also served as a meaningful reunion to tighten the relationship between French and Vietnamese teachers and students over many generations, strengthening the friendship between the two nations.
15:40, 2023/11/05
Vietnam news in brief - November 5
Find out what is happening in Vietnam today.
18:06, 2023/11/04
Vietnam, Japan look to develop leading industry
The two nations are celebrating the 50th anniversary of establishing their diplomatic relations in 2023.
14:55, 2023/11/04
Vietnam news in brief - November 4
Check out the latest events in Vietnam today.
14:05, 2023/11/04
Vietnam - UK’s main partner in energy transition
The UK is a proactive participant in the International Partners Group assisting Vietnam’s energy transition via the Just Energy Transition Partnership Program (JETP), which is expected to raise US$15.5 billion in funding over the course of the next three to five years.
14:43, 2023/11/03
Vietnam news in brief - November 3
Find out what is happening in Vietnam today.
14:17, 2023/11/02
Mark Rutte welcomed in Vietnam for 3rd time
This visit is expected to open a new chapter in bilateral relations as the Netherlands accounts for 48% of European investment in Vietnam.
13:05, 2023/11/02
Vietnam news in brief - November 2
Check out the latest events in Vietnam today.
12:51, 2023/11/02
Vietnam-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership: Materializing efforts for green transition
The declaration of Green Strategic Partnership is a practical way to promote the bilateral partnership in energy efficiency since 2013.
00:25, 2023/11/02
Vietnam: Important partner in Mongolia’s Third Neighbor policy
Vietnam is viewed by Mongolia as a crucial entry point into ASEAN, a market with 700 million people.
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