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Hanoi exhibition unveils imperial golden seals and books
The exhibition of the Imperial Archives of the Nguyen Dynasty, combined with light art, takes viewers back to the past and into the historical space of Vietnam's last feudal dynasty.
21:12, 2023/11/26
Dong Son bronze drum shows strong vitality of Vietnamese culture
Visitors will be able to admire the newly discovered collection of unique artifacts from the ancient culture of Dong Son.
22:59, 2023/11/22
Giang Vo military school weapons on display for first time
Artifacts and documents from the Giang Vo Military School, the first national military training institution in Thang Long (now Hanoi), are on display at the Hanoi Museum.
11:39, 2023/10/25
Legend of Youth: Brings audience with true emotions
To give the actresses and audience of the play Legend of Youth a real-life experience, the production crew brought five tons of earth from Dong Loc Junction to the stage of the Vietnamese Women's Museum.
17:07, 2023/10/23
New street in Hanoi named after Chancellor Luu Co
A street in the Xuan Tao neighborhood of Hanoi's Bac Tu Liem District is named after Chancellor Luu Co, who repaired the Dai La Citadel in preparation for King Ly Thai To's capital transfer.
07:37, 2023/10/11
Golden Seal "Emperor's Treasure" to return home soon
Legal procedures for the return of the Nguyen Dynasty golden seal in France are expected to be completed by the end of October 2023,
14:35, 2023/10/10
Exciting activities await visitors to Hanoi on Liberation Day
The city is attractive and appealing to tourists during the Autumn days of October.
20:03, 2023/10/07
Exhibition shows how Sword Lake changed over time
The exhibition will enable people to see the remarkable changes in the iconic lake in Hanoi over the years.
18:22, 2023/10/06
Exhibition shows Hanoi valuable 19-20th century documents
The exhibition "The Citadel and Streets in Old Days" provides a new insight into the history, culture, land and people of Thanh Long-Hanoi in the early 19th to mid-20th centuries.
20:19, 2023/10/05
Hoa Lo Prison Relic commemorates Hanoi Liberation Day
The exhibition aims to remind the present generation of the difficulties and sacrifices of the revolutionary fighters and people for the liberation of capital and the victory of the long war of resistance against the French.
22:24, 2023/10/03
Long Bien District: A thriving region of Hanoi
Long Bien District is both the northeastern gateway to Hanoi and a rapidly developing business and investment hub.
07:02, 2023/09/03
French man donates rare books to Vietnam's museum
Among the valuable books and documents donated is a collection of articles by international journalists on the war in Vietnam.
18:45, 2023/09/02
Hanoi in remembrance of historic Autumn days
The Declaration of Independence, giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2, 1945, remains the most significant moment in the country's history.
09:19, 2023/07/23
Martyrs' tribute exhibition at Hoa Lo Prison relics site
The current photo exhibition aims to commemorate the 76th anniversary of Vietnam War Invalids and Martyrs Day (July 27, 1947 - 2023).
19:20, 2023/06/26
Nguyen Trai-inspired film to be screened in 30 countries
The film about Nguyen Trai's unjust case will likely be released at the end of 2024.
17:28, 2023/06/22
Celebration of Doan Ngo festival at Thang Long citadel relics
The traditional way of celebrating the Doan Ngo festival is a folkloric experience whose origins are directly related to agriculture and climate.
20:16, 2023/06/06
Co Loa Special National Relics to undergo further excavation
The historical, architectural, and archaeological complex of Co Loa, declared a special national relic site in September 2012, will be further excavated.
17:10, 2023/05/24
Hanoi celebrates pledge ritual dated 1,000 years ago
Dong Co Temple, linked to the nation's patriotic tradition, has historical, cultural and unique architectural values.
16:53, 2023/05/03
Remembering the Paris Peace Accords: Silent Revolution at Camp Davis
Thanks to the Camp Davis struggle, which was waged silently but persistently, a turning point was reached in the nation's reunification.
17:20, 2023/04/16
Statue of King An Duong Vuong: A National Treasure with many rare features
The 19th-century statue revered at the Co Loa Special National Relic has many never-before-seen unique cultural, historical, and art values.
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