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Restoration of the only remaining steam locomotive in Hanoi
The Tu Luc steam locomotive will be transformed into an exhibition space for the Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2023.
15:30, 2023/11/17
Red River's millennial communal house features unique architecture
The Chem Communal House in Hanoi has been designated a National Special Relic for its exceptional architecture and history.
11:51, 2023/11/16
Hanoi, Toulouse to deepen cooperation in heritage preservation
Deepening cultural understanding helps enrich the public's comprehension of the history and culture of both cities, effectively diminishing the geographical distance between them.
15:53, 2023/11/12
Real scene performance in thousand-year-old communal house
By combining performing arts and modern technology, audiences can easily understand history and learn to appreciate and preserve tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
11:27, 2023/11/11
Hanoi and foreign partners promote handicrafts
This cooperation will help to boost the development of Hanoi's traditional craft villages.
19:46, 2023/10/21
Rare archival photos of Sword Lake in late 19th century on display
The black and white archival photos offer the public an opportunity to step back in time and gain insight into Hanoi a century ago.
17:56, 2023/09/25
Hanoi’s heritage house of great historical imprints
One of the rare old houses in the area of Hanoi's Old Quarter, the Heritage House at 86 Hang Bac Street is full of funky secrets.
18:41, 2023/09/19
Exploring heritage trees around Hoan Kiem Lake
The Hoan Kiem Lake area in the heart of Hanoi, famous for its lively pedestrian area with special dishes, is a botanical garden with "heritage trees".
07:35, 2023/08/20
Thuy Ta House: A unique historical building in the heart of Hanoi
Interesting historical details are revealed about the oldest and only restaurant built on the shores of iconic Hoan Kiem Lake.
16:19, 2023/08/07
Beauty of an old Vietnamese communal house on the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake
The century-old community house is a must-see destination for visitors exploring Hanoi's iconic lake.
14:51, 2023/08/05
Admiring beauty of Hanoi’s Indochinese French architectures through a book
The trilingual language book on the theme of Hanoi by editor and journalist Tran Huu Phuc Tien has just been released.
16:33, 2023/07/27
For the Love of Hanoi: Emperor Le Loi’s legacy
In late February 2019, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un met in Hanoi to discuss nuclear disarmament and peace on the Korean Peninsula.
17:23, 2023/07/18
Beauty of France-designed barrack's gate in Hanoi
The historical site associated with the legendary August Revolution in Hanoi has regained its marvelous inherent beauty after restoration.
05:58, 2023/07/03
Unknown story of a house in French-designed Old Quarter
The old house retains some distinctive architectural features over the course of time, making it a priceless piece of Hanoi’s heritage.
17:00, 2023/07/02
Hanoi-based artist transforms garbage into shadow sculptures
While sculptures are often made out of materials such as wood, stone, clay, or metal, an artist in Hanoi is making sculptures out of shadows.
15:29, 2023/06/11
Unique temple in Hanoi for patron saint of lacquer trade
The Ha Vi Community House is a religious building dedicated to Tran Lu, Vietnam's patron saint of lacquering. Its preservation will help promote the heritage value of the Old Quarter and attract more tourists to the capital.
21:51, 2023/05/24
Hanoi to develop heritage tourism
Hanoi has many heritage tours to attract tourists in the inner-city and suburban districts.
15:40, 2023/05/21
Vietnamese heritage painting competition launched
The competition aims to celebrate Vietnam's tangible and intangible heritage.
07:52, 2023/05/01
Lesser-known ‘treasures’ in Hanoi's largest pomelo hub
Located by the romantic Nhue River, through centuries of development and modernization, Phu Dien Village retains its priceless cultural and historical values.
18:20, 2023/04/23
Vibrant festival honors ancient Thang Long Citadel protector
The Quan Thanh Temple Festival aims to promote the value of local cultural heritage among locals and visitors to Hanoi.
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