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ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 kicks off
Khanh Khanh 14:16, 2022/08/09
The annual ASEAN event, which is jointly organized by ASEAN nations, aims to boost regional e-commerce with a focus on commercial transactions.

The ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 kicked off today on www.onlineasean.com, with the participation of nearly 200 registered enterprises operating on digital platforms in Vietnam.

 ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 kicks off on August 8. Photo: onlineasean.com

On the 55th anniversary of ASEAN's founding, ASEAN's largest online shopping day is hosted by Vietnam, Singapore, and Cambodia, which is the chair of ASEAN 2022.

Through the ASEAN Online Sale Day, ASEAN members hope to provide consumers and companies in ASEAN nations with a secure and beneficial environment for online shopping with high-quality items.

The event comprises two tiers for domestic and cross-border transactions. Reputable e-commerce businesses and platforms in the ten ASEAN countries will launch a series of special discount shopping programs for consumers in their own countries and coordinate with each other for a cross-border online shopping program among ASEAN countries.

In the context of post-pandemic economic recovery and many new-generation free trade agreements in place, the ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 will be an important step for the bloc to show solidarity and promote its potential for e-commerce and online transactions, access favorable policies, improve the value of products and services of enterprises.

As chair of ASEAN in 2020, Vietnam was the first country to host the annual event on August 8. In 2021, the ASEAN Online Sale Day was held by Brunei.

The event will run until August 10. 

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