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Young Vietnamese design green energy marketplace solution for ASEAN
Thanh Thanh 22:42, 2024/02/29
The ASEAN Foundation and SAP are working together to empower young people to create innovative solutions to improve the lives of the ASEAN community, including the production of green energy and its economic benefits.

With 88% of the ASEAN region still dependent on fossil fuels, two Vietnamese youths named Ngan Huynh Hai and Hieu Nguyen Trung have proposed a solution called GreenGrid to begin reducing fossil fuel dependency for consumers in the region.

 The Gangubai team from Vietnam won second place in the ASEAN Data Science Explorers 2023. Photo: ASEANDSE

According to the 6th ASEAN Energy Outlook report in the 2017-2040 period, energy demand in ASEAN is projected to increase significantly by 146% by the year 2040. With dense populations and high rates of urbanization, energy demand is highest in ASEAN's major cities.

Their ambition goes beyond transforming the electricity landscape in Vietnam as they want to revolutionize the entire Southeast Asian region. Their solution, GreenGrid, enables people and businesses to trade green energy directly and reduce fossil fuel consumption in the region.

GreenDrid was motivated by a severe drought in North Vietnam in the summer of 2023, which forced the shutdown of some hydropower plants. The drought affected 19 million people, caused disruptions in production, transportation, and electricity, and resulted in daily economic losses of more than $1 billion. Recognizing the vulnerability of the energy system, Trung and Huynh decided to explore and offer solutions to address the pressing challenges in Vietnam's energy infrastructure and the resulting energy crisis.


GreenGrid is designed to encourage everyone to become a power producer. In this way, the platform can work toward NetZero goals and create a more positive energy future. To achieve this, the solution leverages the data analytics capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud, as it will manage large amounts of data and share data with multiple stakeholders.

During the ASEAN Data Science Explorers 2023 Regional Finals, the team's presentation proposed a pilot phase for Green Grid to be conducted in Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, and Bangkok between 2024 and 2025 to test the feasibility of the solution, including the formulation of regulatory frameworks for energy policy, pricing, integration, data exchange, communication protocols, and consumer protection. It also includes data security and privacy, sustainable business models, adoption of best practices, and consumer literacy or education.

"Our mission is to empower every citizen in ASEAN to be an active participant in the energy sector, making everyone not only a consumer but also a producer of energy, contributing to ASEAN's Net Zero goal and driving positive energy change," said Ngan Huynh Hai and Hieu Nguyen Trung.

“The key to the success of our initiative is energy literacy, acceptance and public participation. This education is essential to help society shift from traditional energy consumers to active sellers of renewable energy, and this requires significant changes in behavior and motivation, which we are ready to support and encourage.”

GreenGrid is an example of how data can be used to identify pain points in each country and with critical and analytical thinking, the best solution can be found," said Dr. Piti Srisangnam, Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation.

"We all have a lot of data, but we don't know how to analyze or use it, and these analytical skills are essential for young people to have more opportunities to work in the industry. This is why the ASEAN Foundation and SAP are working on important issues such as data literacy," said Piti.

Nguyen Hong Viet, Managing Director of SAP Vietnam, said that this program brings together the two sides’ goals of empowering young people, helping them prepare for a digital future and ensuring that we also empower and improve the lives of people in Southeast Asia, and address sustainability challenges that we have around the world by helping to solve some of the UNSDG problems. 

“SAP's active involvement in this undertaking is a testament to our dedication to nation-building, including in Vietnam, where we focus on equipping the youth with essential digital and data analytical skills,” he said.

Last year, GreenGrid won second place in the ASEAN Data Science Explorers 2023 (ASEAN DSE) program, which was established to empower start-up social enterprises led by ASEAN youth and young talent to create innovative solutions that deliver inclusive economic benefits in the ASEAN region. 

Youth representatives from 10 ASEAN member countries (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) presented data-driven proposals developed using SAP Analytics Cloud, a cloud-based platform for business intelligence, planning, and predictive analysis, helping organizations make informed decisions with prebuilt content and powerful data connections.

The ASEAN Foundation and SAP have been working together to deliver the program since 2017, and have supported more than 71,000 students from colleges and high schools across Southeast Asia. They have also worked with more than 3,000 educators and 852 higher education and learning institutions across Asia, 228 secondary schools, and 149 NGOs. The program is also increasingly reaching more groups, including women, whose participation has reached 54%.


The ASEAN SDE program is developed through innovative projects that demonstrate creativity, problem-solving skills, and proficiency in mastering technology. Harnessing technology and creative thinking will result in Future-Focused Solutions that promote considerations about sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity. ASEAN DSE is also prepared to equip ASEAN youth with the data analysis skills needed to thrive and compete in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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