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Vietnam moves to next development phase in combating corruption: Party chief
Ngoc Thuy 21:25, 2022/06/23
Strict punishment serves as a deterrent to others, Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong has said.

Vietnam is moving into the next phase  in the fight against corruption and bribery, which is to ensure that officials do not dare, are not able and have no desire to commit corruption.

 Vietnam Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong at the meeting. Photos: Le Hai

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong stressed the view during a meeting between National Assembly deputies of Hanoi with voters in districts of Ba Dinh, Dong Da, and Hai Ba Trung today [June 23].

The event took place on both online and offline platforms, with over 1,220 voters representing those from all 55 wards of the three districts.

Referring to the ongoing quest against corruption and bribery, the Party chief stressed the determination to carry out the process in a persistent, resolute, and humane manner.

“The disciplinary process against the officials in these cases have strictly complied with procedures of the Party. They will then undergo administrative and criminal proceedings  in accordance to the law,” he continued.

Trong said all steps are conducted democratically and fairly so that those committing crimes are aware of their wrongdoings.

 Overview of the meeting.

“Strict punishment serves as a deterrent to others,” Trong said, adding it is painful to penalize comrades.

In this regard, Trong stressed the necessity to choose the right officials, with the selection process being conducted thoroughly.

Given the fact that many provinces/cities have set up their own steering committee on corruption fight and prevention, Trong said the Party's Central Committee would soon hold a national conference discussing 10 years of the efforts against corruption and bribery.

“The aim is to ensure consistent method from central- to grassroots levels so that everyone would have the same mindset in the fight against corruption,” Trong stressed.

Hanoi voters condemn wrongdoings in Covid-19 fight

At the meeting, voters from the three districts highly regarded Government’s efforts in striving for comprehensive recovery during the post-pandemic period.

While all socio-economic activities have now returned to normal, the majority of voters continued to express concern over the severe impacts of the pandemic; the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine hostilities on global security; rising inflationary pressure, and disruption to global supply chains, which are factors directly affecting people’s lives and businesses’ operation.

Voters called for the Government to take drastic measures in economic development and containing inflation, especially in applying tax instruments to prevent petrol prices from rising.

A common view shared by those attending the meeting was the leadership of the Party chief and other country leaders in anti-corruption drives, or efforts to restore discipline in the real estate and stock markets.

Deputy Pham Thi Hong Sim from Quan Thanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, noted the Party Central Committee’s decision in setting up provincial-level steering committees against corruption and bribery is necessary to ensure the entire political system involved in the process.

“High political determination and favorable working mechanisms would ensure the effective operation of these committees at provinces/cities,” Sim said.

Voter Nguyen Tran Quyen from O Cho Dua Ward, Dong Da District, expressed his frustration over wrongdoings from state officials in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, saying such actions would cause public dissatisfaction.

Quyen expected the Government to continue taking strict measures against those involved in these cases.

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