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Happy Parents, Successful Children: Parenting in digital age
Hoang Nam 17:20, 2024/04/24
Thanh Cong Secondary School holds a seminar on innovative parenting in the digital age.

New approaches to parental thinking are significant for parents and children in the digital age.

The view was shared by many parents who find it difficult to connect with their children during puberty age. At the "Happy Parents, Successful Children" event held at Thanh Cong Secondary School on April 22.

 Parents check in at the event "Happy Parents, Successful Children". Photos: Hoang Nam 

At the event, over 200 parents of students came together to discuss and share experiences on how to raise children in the new era.

The event aimed to support parents in their parenting skills and promote innovative approaches to parental thinking. Parents at the seminar gained valuable insights from experts in child psychology, communication skills, and effective parenting methods.

Opening the seminar, Principal Nguyen Ngoc Anh emphasized the crucial role of parents in guiding and supporting their children's holistic development. "Parents play a pivotal role in shaping their children's confidence, resilience, and future success," she said. "Building strong and harmonious parent-child relationships is essential to achieving these goals."

 School administrators and guest speaker Nguyen Cong Binh - a psychology expert - are delighted to bring the seminar "Happy Parents, Successful Children.

Guest speaker Nguyen Cong Binh, a psychotherapist and Deputy General Director of VietFuture, shared valuable lessons on parenting in the digital age. He stressed the importance of adapting educational approaches to social advancements. "Children need understanding and inspiration from their parents, but parents also need to educate them using innovative methods," he explained. "The challenges facing young people and parents differ across generations, and each stage presents unique complexities."

 The lively and open atmosphere at the seminar "Happy Parents, Successful Children" with the enthusiastic participation of parents. Photos: Hoang Nam/The Hanoi Times

Beyond expert presentations, the seminar featured an engaging discussion session where parents shared their experiences, challenges, and concerns regarding parenting.

 The students' eagerness reflects their desire to be equipped with knowledge and life skills for the future.

After the seminar, Nguyen Quynh Anh, a parent, shared her takeaways: "The gap between parents and children can be bridged through open communication and empathy. I will strive to be more receptive and understanding towards my children and apply the advice given by the speaker."

 Parents meticulously take notes of every valuable piece of advice from the speaker to apply to their parenting. 

The "Happy Parents, Successful Children" project is expected to be extended to other schools in Hanoi in the future.

The bright smiles of the organizing committee reflect the joy after the success of the seminar "Happy Parents, Successful Children".
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