31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Awareness of environmental protection in Vietnam raised: Deputy PM
Environmental issues have drawn the attention of all stakeholders in Vietnam, from kids to adults, and from experts to common people.
21:57, 2022/57/26
Innovative social impact businesses get fund and coaching services
The coaching program aims to enhance the resilience of social impact businesses (SIBs) in Vietnam and contribute to reducing the impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable groups, especially women and girls.
00:00, 2022/00/17
Vietnam wastes US$3 billion from unrecycled plastic litter annually
Collective actions are aimed to boost the engagement of the private sector and empower informal waste workers and strengthen their resilience to vulnerabilities.
21:24, 2022/24/24
UNDP, Netherlands boost circular economy capacity building for Vietnam businesses
The program inspires and provides practical instructions and tools for developing business roadmap for circular transition.
22:16, 2022/16/28
Vietnam needs “green climate Doi Moi”: UNDP
Given net-zero commitments, Vietnam is now at a crossroads to transform routes that benefit both the economy and the environment.
15:25, 2022/25/25
UNDP supports flood-resilient houses for Vietnam coastal residents
It’s estimated to cost US$330 million to provide housing for climate-vulnerable in 28 coastal provinces in Vietnam.
16:27, 2022/27/13
Towards Stockholm+50: Vietnam joins efforts for healthy planet
Vietnam will contribute to the global efforts by a report which brings in a diversity of voices to shape a key message at the Stockholm+50 conference this year.
12:58, 2022/58/18
Peace Village: South Korea-supported model protects Vietnamese from multiple risks
More than 10,000 people in some of Vietnam’s most affected areas by wartime legacies will benefit from the US$33-million project in 2022-2026.
21:54, 2022/54/11
Climate adaptation eats up 70% of Vietnam climate budget in 2016-2020
Vietnam poured approximately US$6.5 billion into activities adjusting to actual or expected future climate during 2016-2020
21:03, 2022/03/28
UNDP partners with Vietnam towards goal of poverty eradication
The Vietnamese Government will strengthen bilateral/multilateral cooperation with international partners to realize multidimensional, inclusive, and sustainable poverty reduction.
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