31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
US willing to share technology to help Vietnam in energy transition
Providing a fresh perspective on how the transition could be executed effectively, the US Embassy shared its experiences in developing policy regarding transformation and potential support.
09:52, 2022/52/06
Vietnam to improve transparency of real estate market in 2022
The development of a real estate database has not been in line with the market in Vietnam over the years.
21:04, 2021/04/03
Innovation to be new engine of Vietnam's growth: Reports
The reports show how science, technology, and innovation as a new engine contributed to Vietnam’s socio-economic growth.
14:24, 2021/24/19
Science-technology cooperation remains central to Vietnam-India partnership
Both sides have shown strong determination to boost cooperation in innovation and startup ecosystems, stated the Vietnamese Ambassador to India Pham Sanh Chau.
16:26, 2020/26/25
VUSTA pushes up Vietnam's research and application of science and technology: PM
The body that represents domestic and overseas intellectuals becomes a reliable consultancy to the country's authorities.
11:08, 2020/08/13
Vietnam’s 4 commitments towards inclusive and sustainable development
Vietnam’s growth model has gradually shifted from an economy that is highly dependent on natural resources and cheap labor for grow towards the application of technology, science and innovation.
11:49, 2020/49/24
Vietnam records highest rate of SMEs in SE Asia looking for expansion in 2020
The majority of firms are looking to invest in technologies and employee’s skill development during the Covid-19 pandemic.
17:41, 2020/41/10
How should governments regulate technology in a post-pandemic world?
A flexible regulatory regime that can balance consumer protection with an openness to innovations that benefit consumers is key to regulating new technologies.
18:34, 2020/34/03
Japan to transfer military shipbuilding technology to Vietnam
Defense aspect of the bilateral relations made headline again with a number of cooperation activities recently.
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