31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Making Vietnam a regional destination of innovation: Vietnam PM
Vietnam needs bold investment in science, technology and innovation to increase productivity and added value as well as avoiding the middle-income trap.
09:45, 2021/45/09
Hanoi university wins Clarivate's innovation award
For the first time, Vietnam has three representatives recognized by Clarivate.
16:27, 2020/27/29
Techfest’s Medtech Village creates connection platforms for smart healthcare transformation
Leading medtech experts discussed digital transformation solutions in the healthcare sector at a workshop of Techfest 2020.
17:19, 2020/19/21
Vietnam to join APEC’s efforts towards peace and prosperity in Asia–Pacific: PM
The Asia–Pacific should be the world’s hub of innovation and technology, with a focus on developing human resources for a digital economy and narrowing development gaps among countries.
07:53, 2020/53/20
Vietnam, Japan to boost cooperation in innovation
The Japanese business community has high expectation that Vietnam would manufacture high-added value products.
14:50, 2020/50/01
Hanoi to bank on Industry 4.0 for rapid and sustainable development: Mayor
The development of the knowledge economy, urban economy and innovative startups is priority of Hanoi, stated the city’s recently-elected mayor.
15:00, 2020/00/12
Underdeveloped technological base holds back Vietnam’s development: Minister
Vietnam only has 10 years to turn things around, as the country’s population starts aging by 2030, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung has said.
12:56, 2020/56/09
Vietnam c.bank to finalize legal framework for fintech, digital banking
The government is responsible for not only promoting innovation in the banking sector, but also maintaining stability and safety of the financial market.
22:21, 2020/21/16
Hanoi university urged to be leading hub of innovation
The Vietnam National University-Hanoi is asked to turn into an advanced research university and one of the top 500 universities in the world by 2025.
15:47, 2020/47/26
What role does human capital play in innovation?
A well-trained workforce is more likely to spur innovation at companies. Firms that provide even minimal training to employees are nearly 8 percentage points more likely to introduce a new product and implement a new process.
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