31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Blossom adorns Hanoi streets
The vivid colors make Summer in Hanoi more joyful.
17:49, 2022/49/07
FAS Angel team and spontaneous volunteers on Hanoi streets
There have been thousands of accident victims saved by the volunteer “angels”, who vow to leave no one behind, regardless of victim or culprit.
15:08, 2021/08/30
Wild pear flower season comes early on the streets of Hanoi
Normally, late February to early March is the best time of year to observe the vibrant wildflower of pear in some streets in the capital city. This year, however, the wild pear flower season arrived more than two months earlier than usual.
21:15, 2021/15/28
Trivial jobs of Hanoi
Unusual works in the capital city not only bring earnings to industrious workers but also portray a special part of Hanoi.
16:58, 2021/58/09
Hanoi streets turn verdant thanks to numerous trees
The tree-growing program has made Hanoi greener and fresher, contributing to shading the streets and curbing the harmful effects of radiation on people.
11:25, 2021/25/08
Enduring love to Hanoi’s sketching
Sketching images of Hanoi is both love and responsibility that members of the Urban Sketchers Hanoi devote to their homeland.
07:57, 2021/57/15
Thuy Khue - The street where part of Hanoi’s history is told
With ancient marks remaining for hundreds of years, Thuy Khue street is considered as a special road where tells the history of the millennial capital city and traditional crafts.
09:50, 2021/50/09
Thuoc Bac - a street with diverse colors of old Hanoi
Thuoc Bac Street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is an interesting place which maintains various beauties of old Hanoi.
12:38, 2020/38/18
Snapshots of trams reminisce about old Hanoi
The trams have been an inseparable part of the city’s landscape for more than two thirds of a century.