31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Waste-to-energy plants in Hanoi ready for operations
Private investors are on track to bring their waste-to-energy projects to life in an attempt to help the city resolve environmental issues.
16:50, 2022/50/11
Vietnam’s PlasPics Hunter contest awards for best works
The photography contest aims to raise people's awareness about the importance of environmental protection.
11:14, 2021/14/26
‘Creative Earth Art Competition’ calls for participants
The painting competition aims to raise awareness about climate change among the Vietnamese young generation locally and abroad.
18:34, 2021/34/27
Hanoi: air quality improves in pandemic year but still a concern
Hanoi’s air quality improved in the pandemic period, but locals want more substantial improvements in the aftermath of social distancing.
21:16, 2021/16/06
Hanoi to relocate polluting factories from downtown in 2021-25
Hanoi has set up a list of 90 industrial establishments that have to be moved out of the inner city.
05:49, 2020/49/02
Hanoi: Urgent measures to ensure environmental sanitation for hosting big events
The Hanoi Urban Environment Limited Company (Urenco) has launched a plan to ensure environmental sanitation in preparation for cultural and political events of Hanoi in October 2020
14:43, 2020/43/16
Hanoi develops greenery system to freshen living environment
The enriched vegetation in Hanoi not only embellishes the urban landscape but also contributes to curbing air pollution, providing oxygen, increasing humidity and air conditioning.
23:00, 2020/00/10
Germany helps double land use in aquaculture farming and solar energy project
Using renewable energy can help aquaculture sector in Vietnam alleviate pressure on land and protect the environment.
18:18, 2020/18/01
Vietnam launches air quality monitoring app
The air quality monitoring app is user-friendly, easy to download, install and upgrade.
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