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‘Creative Earth Art Competition’ calls for participants
Jenna Duong 11:14, 2021/09/26
The painting competition aims to raise awareness about climate change among the Vietnamese young generation locally and abroad.

The British Embassy, in collaboration with British Council Vietnam and Nguyen Sieu School in Hanoi launch the “Creative Earth Art Competition” for children.

Children can imagine the circle as the Earth and the drawing inside it is what they expect the Earth to look like. Photo: Together-for-our-planet.ukcop26.org

All Vietnamese children aged from 8 to 16 years old from Vietnam and overseas are invited to join the contest that will end by October 24.

In order to join the contest, contestants need to print out a provided template and draw inside the circle. Children can imagine the circle as the Earth and the drawing inside it is what they expect the Earth to look like.

They should also write a few words to describe the drawing that would help the judge to understand their visions and imagination about the future Earth.

The drawing should be scanned or photographed in high quality, then sent to the email cop26communications@ukinvietnam.com.

The deadline for the submission is October 24, eligibility will be recorded based on the date and time on the email received.

The winners of the competition will receive one fully-funded British Council’s English course worth VND22,000,000 or US$965 and a cash prize worth VND5,000,000 ($219).

Participants of the contest have also the opportunity to have their drawings exhibited at the Nguyen Sieu School Museum. The best entries will receive a certificate from the British Embassy in Hanoi.

Poster of the drawing competition in Vietnam. Photo:  The “UK in Viet Nam” Facebook page

The winners will be announced on the “UK in Viet Nam” Facebook page on 5 November to mark the Youth & Public Empowerment Day, COP26.

According to a UNICEF report (August 2021), children and young people living in Vietnam are among those most at risk of suffering the impacts of climate change, threatening their health, education, and protection.

With innovative ideas and boundless energy, Vietnamese youth are indeed critical for the advancement of a better future. They are young ambassadors who can spread positive influence to their families, schools, and communities, through simple daily climate actions, according to the contest organizers.

The drawing contest is also an event to welcome the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), to be hosted by the UK, in partnership with Italy, in Glasgow.

This climate change conference is among the largest international meetings in the world, involves officials from every country, representatives from civil society, the public, and the global news media.

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