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Hanoi strengthens cooperation to promote golf tourism
Hanoi is currently seen as a potential destination for golf tourism, but other localities in the north and the Red River Delta are also appealing and able to meet the ever-increasing needs of tourists to explore destinations.
22:35, 2023/12/06
Veteran journalist's memoir recalls great moments in history
The memoirs, about 500 pages long, detail the events Huong witnessed while covering wars.
13:18, 2023/12/05
Hanoi is World's Leading City Break Destination
Dubbed the "Oscar of the World Tourism Industry", the award is a source of pride for Hanoi and a testament to the efforts of the capital's tourism industry.
19:22, 2023/12/03
Photo exhibition "Doai Land's White Clouds" shows beauty of Duong Lam village
The photo exhibition captures the charm of the historic village on the outskirts of Hanoi.
12:17, 2023/10/17
Hanoi Tourism Ao Dai Festival 2023 to pay tribute to national outfit
The annual festival aims to promote tourism in Hanoi, as well as to pay tribute to Vietnamese Ao Dai and the promotion of traditional Vietnamese cultural values.
15:06, 2023/10/16
Hanoi exhibition promotes architectural value of Duong Lam Ancient Village
The exhibition "Community No.01" presents the cultural and architectural treasures of Duong Lam Ancient Village.
07:04, 2023/10/13
Deep love for Hanoi by a southern painter
Watercolors depicting Hanoi street life by a southern painter are on display in the ongoing exhibition at Ho Guom Culture Center in No.2, Le Thai To Street, Hanoi.
07:21, 2023/10/12
The beauty of Hanoi craft villages through photos
The photo exhibition, entitled "Hanoi Craft Villages" and "The Beauty of Vietnam's Regions", honors craftsmen and those who contribute to preserving, conserving, and promoting the nation's traditional cultural values.
07:44, 2023/10/11
Cold snail vermicelli soup: simple but quintessential Hanoi snack
Using simple ingredients, Hanoians of old created “Bun oc nguoi,” which has captivated diners for decades.
07:37, 2023/10/11
Golden Seal "Emperor's Treasure" to return home soon
Legal procedures for the return of the Nguyen Dynasty golden seal in France are expected to be completed by the end of October 2023,
14:35, 2023/10/10
Exciting activities await visitors to Hanoi on Liberation Day
The city is attractive and appealing to tourists during the Autumn days of October.
08:08, 2023/10/10
Story of Thang Long Citadel festivals through photos
The outdoor photo exhibition on historical relics and festivals in Ba Dinh helps locals and tourists to better understand the history of the core district of Hanoi.
07:42, 2023/10/10
Hanoi among the most fabulous destination for Autumn trips
As the Summer sun begins to fade and a gentle breeze begins to blow through the bustling streets, it's an ideal time to travel and explore the romantic beauty of the capital.
17:29, 2023/10/09
Hanoi streets turn red in celebration of liberation day
These days, the streets and alleys of Hanoi are flooded with red flags to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the liberation of the capital.
20:03, 2023/10/07
Exhibition shows how Sword Lake changed over time
The exhibition will enable people to see the remarkable changes in the iconic lake in Hanoi over the years.
23:21, 2023/10/06
Photo exhibition "Hanoi in My Heart" captivates Miss Grand International 2023 contestants
Miss Grand International 2023 contestants viewed the photos on display and posed with outstanding Hanoi-themed photo works in the ongoing exhibition at the Temple of Literature.
18:22, 2023/10/06
Exhibition shows Hanoi valuable 19-20th century documents
The exhibition "The Citadel and Streets in Old Days" provides a new insight into the history, culture, land and people of Thanh Long-Hanoi in the early 19th to mid-20th centuries.
20:19, 2023/10/05
Hoa Lo Prison Relic commemorates Hanoi Liberation Day
The exhibition aims to remind the present generation of the difficulties and sacrifices of the revolutionary fighters and people for the liberation of capital and the victory of the long war of resistance against the French.
18:04, 2023/10/05
18th Hanoi in My Heart photo exhibition highlights the beauty of Hanoi
With the theme ‘Hanoi - 15 Years After Administrative Boundary Extension’, the 18th Hanoi in My Heart photo exhibition was opened by Economic & Urban Newspaper, in cooperation with the Hanoi Elderly Photography Club, at the Temple of Literature-Imperial Academy this morning (October 5).
14:51, 2023/10/05
When young Hanoians love folk melodies
Enthusiastic youngsters from Hanoi are now trying to preserve folk tunes, the precious heritage of Vietnam's culture.
07:00, 2023/10/05
Stories about Outstanding Citizens of the Capital 2023
Ten Hanoi residents were honored as "Outstanding Citizens of the Capital" for having made extraordinary contributions to developing the city.
22:24, 2023/10/03
Long Bien District: A thriving region of Hanoi
Long Bien District is both the northeastern gateway to Hanoi and a rapidly developing business and investment hub.
22:09, 2023/10/03
Musical tells old Hanoi story
The musical entitled "Street Stories of Hanoi during the Subsidy Period" will be premiered on the evening of October 14 at the Youth Theater.
22:14, 2023/10/01
Children painting during the Hanoi Autumn Festival 2023
The drawing competition is designed to show how local children love the capital, where they live and study.
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