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May 11: Eight more Covid-19 patients in Vietnam recover, infection count flat
Linh Pham 07:00, 2020/05/12
The number of convalescents accounts for 86% of the total infections.

Eight more Covid-19 patients in Vietnam were confirmed to have recovered on May 11, lifting the number of convalescents to 249, or 86% of the total infected cases.

On the day, no new infection case was detected in the community, keeping the total unchanged at 288, according to the Ministry of Health.

 Convalescents (green) and infections (red) of coronavirus in Vietnam. Source: Ministry of Health 

Among the 39 active cases, two are in critical condition, including a 50-year-old Vietnamese woman who returned from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on May 3 and a 43-year-old British man who is Vietnam Airlines’ pilot. Doctors in Vietnam are considering a lung implant for the male patient.

As of May 11, Vietnam has experienced 25 days without local transmission of coronavirus.

 Vietnam tops countries worldwide for the number of coronavirus tests per confirmed case. Source: Ourworldindata

Domestic and international health specialists have attributed Vietnam’s low infections to the high ratio of coronavirus tests per confirmed cases. According to Our World in Data, the number of coronavirus tests per infected cases were 966.7 as of April 29.

So far, the number of people under quarantine reaches 25,361, including 373 at hospitals, 11,181 at concentrated centers and 13,807 at home and lodging facilities.

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