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Today’s Covid News: Vietnam imposes one-week quarantine time for vaccinated visitors
Vietnam shortened the quarantine time after the one-month trial in July in the northern province of Quang Ninh.
22:00, 2021/07/16
JULY 16: Vietnam urged to prepare oxygen for worse pandemic situation
Vietnam’s top leaders have warned local authorities of the worse-case scenario in the face that the southern region is grappling with Covid-19.
13:19, 2021/07/16
Vietnam lowers quarantine to 14 days
Shortening quarantine time is part of efforts to ease burden of centralized facilities and facilitate economic activities.
13:11, 2021/06/26
Vietnam shortens quarantine to one week for vaccinated visitors
Two quarantine options are barrack squares and hotels.
07:21, 2021/06/04
JUNE 3: Vietnam’s Covid-19 infections surpass 8,000
Bac Giang remains the epicenter with one third of total infections confirmed in Vietnam since early 2020.
18:31, 2021/05/27
Why school closure is a last resort
Looking at ground reality, school closure does not mean children are quarantined all the time.
16:23, 2021/05/21
Vietnam likely to impose 7-day quarantine for incoming people
Vietnam said shorter quarantine will support its recovery plans.
11:57, 2021/05/03
Hanoi tightens quarantine rules after first Covid-19 cases
Hanoi is now home to dozens of state-run isolation centers and quarantine hotels.
13:18, 2020/12/19
Vietnam slashes electricity cost for anti-pandemic facilities
Facilities in charge of quarantining suspended and confirmed Covid-19 people are subject to the exemption of electricity bill.
11:55, 2020/09/14
Vietnam to increase flight frequency to some countries
There will have 10,000 arriving people and the number would increase gradually in the coming time.
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