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Hanoi to launch mobile app on tax payment since September
Hai Yen 16:25, 2021/09/04
The move is part of the local tax authority’s efforts to digitalize tax management from now until 2022.

The Hanoi Department of Taxation is scheduled to launch the mobile app on tax payment in September, aiming to help taxpayers in fulfilling their financial obligations.

 Tax payment at the Hanoi Department of Taxation. Photo: The Hanoi Times

The app also provides locals with the function of searching for tax information on their dependents and supports different payment methods via its link with various bank payment apps.

The move is part of the local agency’s efforts to digitalize tax management from now until 2022 under the instruction of the Ministry of Finance and the Hanoi People’s Committee.

Under the plan, the municipal Department of Taxation aims to become one of the top tax agencies in the country in terms of digitalization, IT application, and cyber-security.

To realize the goal, the municipal Department aims to process 100% of tax payments online and integrate the service into the national public services portal.

In the coming time, the tax authority would share its data with other databases on population, land, business registration, finance, insurance, which help the people realize other administrative procedures in a convenient way.

The Department of Taxation expects at least 30% of business households to have an online tax payment account and 99% of businesses to register to use e-invoice.

As of September 1, around 1,800 business households of the total 3,150 submitting requests for aid to the Hanoi’s Department of Taxation have qualified for financial support from the Government’s social package worth VND26 trillion ($1.14 billion).

The tax authority noted the slow disbursement progress of the package was due to the serious Covid-19 situation as localities are prioritizing their efforts on the Covid-19 fight, while many business households have not filed their application to the local authorities.

The Department noted once the stay-at-home order is over, it would continue to work with local agencies to expedite the verification for businesses affected by the pandemic.

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