31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam seeks Sweden expertise in digital transformation, climate adaptation
Sweden said the bilateral relations cover not only political and economic ties but also stance on foreign policies.
13:09, 2022/09/26
Hanoi hosts Vietnam – Asia DX Summit 2022
The goal of the Vietnamese Government is that the digital economy will account for 20% of GDP by 2025.
16:01, 2022/01/05
Hanoi and JICA survey digital transformation in public transport in Hanoi
Results from the survey will help the development of the public transport system in Hanoi, with a view to improving the services and reducing traffic congestion in the city.
08:08, 2022/08/26
Vietnam to assist 30,000 businesses in digital transformation by 2022
The Ministry of Information and Communications held a conference on March 24 on promoting a support program for small and medium enterprises (SME) in digital transformation in 2022.
15:35, 2022/35/23
Digital transformation creates breakthrough for Hanoi farming
The success of digital transformation requires the drastic involvement of departments and levels, especially state management agencies and the media.
22:02, 2022/02/16
Sierra Leon seeks agriculture, digital expertise from Vietnam
Agriculture becomes a key pillar in the bilateral cooperation onwards between the world’s second-largest rice exporter and the resource-rich West African nation.
20:32, 2021/32/24
Vietnamese enterprises need to address barriers in digital transformation
Digital transformation becomes an urgent need for businesses to innovate models, find more markets, cut costs and improve competitiveness.
17:21, 2021/21/24
Vietnam’s retail banking forecast to boom by 2026
Digital transformation in banking is indispensable to providing products and services to the Vietnamese population, especially the vulnerable.
22:05, 2021/05/25
Information protection - decisive role for digital transformation: Minister
Vietnamese information security enterprises are required to contribute to building digital trust in Vietnam.
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