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Hanoi deputies appreciate results of National Assembly's meeting
Ngo Minh 16:04, 2023/11/30
With overwhelming approval, the National Assembly passed a number of laws and resolutions while debating many important issues.

After three weeks of work, the 6th session of the 15th National Assembly has completed all the items on its agenda.

Speaking to The Hanoi Times, Hanoi deputies expressed their satisfaction with the session's results and hoped that the laws and resolutions passed would be put into practice soon.

Deputy Truong Xuan Cu affirmed that this session demonstrated a high democratic spirit, promoted the intelligence of each National Assembly delegate, and showed the Government's responsibility in formulating and implementing policies.

 The 6th session of the 15th National Assembly has completed all the items on its agenda. 

Although many ministers have taken office for a short time, they have shown their ability to grasp the key tasks of the industry they are in charge of, the problems they face, and the current bottlenecks. They have answered the questions straightforwardly and responsibly.
The Minister of Transport confirmed his determination to complete the ongoing projects on time. He is very drastic in exercising his responsibilities, capturing and concretizing the government's determination. Meanwhile, the vice prime ministers also showed a high sense of responsibility and determination to overcome the shortcomings and challenges soon.
Deputy Cu said he was particularly impressed by the Prime Minister's performance at the interpellation session.
"The Prime Minister provided details on socio-economic, security, and defense issues. He responded to the National Assembly deputies very openly and responsibly, showing his commitment to finding timely solutions," said Cu.

Deputy Truong Xuan Cu highly appreciated the results of the meeting. Photo: National Assembly Media

Deputy Truong Xuan Cu said that despite the workload of this National Assembly session, the meeting has provided solutions to overcome shortcomings and contribute to promoting the results achieved in the coming period.

Deputy Hoang Van Cuong assessed that the meeting was vital because it reviewed the socio-economic performance after two and a half years and, at the same time, set a roadmap for the rest of the term and the next.

"This is an opportunity for leaders to make self-criticism and for National Assembly deputies to evaluate them. The agenda of the session is neat, the content is large, but with the effective conduct, the session ended smoothly," he said.

As planned, the amended Land Law and the amended Law on Credit Institutions were to be approved during this period. However, after discussions, the deputies concluded that there are many issues that need further discussion. Therefore, the National Assembly resolved to postpone them to the next session.

According to Cuong, this shows the flexibility and responsibility of the National Assembly.

Deputy Hoang Van Cuong speaks at the National Assembly. Photo: National Assembly Media

"We are not constrained by plans and pressures to make progress, but most importantly, we want the law to be promulgated to have a positive impact on development. It's an appropriate and timely action given the evolution of the world context. Such a flexible approach makes the meeting effective and practical," said Cuong.

Bui Hoai Son, Standing Member of the Committee for Culture and Education, also assessed that the agenda of the 6th National Assembly session has been completed, meeting the requirements and beliefs of the voters. The National Assembly had a creative and flexible approach to dealing with the huge workload, with many important decisions, laws and missions passed.

"The National Assembly divided the session into two phases, with a window in the middle for agencies to better prepare content. This brings efficiency and reflects the quality of approved documents. The amended Land Law was not passed this time, which disappointed some people, but it is clear that caution is extremely necessary," Son said.

According to the delegate, Vietnam has gone through 2023 with many difficulties; some goals would not be completed, and major challenges await in 2024.

"I believed that with the determination of the National Assembly and deputies, the efforts made in 2023 would be a motivation to overcome obstacles next year," Son said.

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