31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam seeks int’l expertise to complete child justice law
Legal experts said it’s crucial to protect juveniles who are not yet old enough to be considered an adult.
19:20, 2022/20/08
Keeping inflation under control provides platform for growth: Finance minister
This is the golden time for Vietnam to make breakthroughs in development as countries around the world are facing high risks of inflation.
21:12, 2022/12/17
Vietnam to build 3rd oil refinery
Vietnam currently has two oil refineries meeting 70% of the local demand.
11:11, 2021/11/13
Vietnam NA set GDP growth target of 6-6.5% for 2022
The target shows the Government’s high determination and also remains in harmonization with other targets defined for 2022.
16:45, 2021/45/12
PM clarifies Vietnam’s attraction to foreign investors
Foreign direct investment (FDI) would help create breakthroughs for the country to move forward, especially in terms of capital, technology, corporate governance, and human resources training.
18:56, 2021/56/08
Hanoi's NA Deputy calls for sensible tax policy during economic hardship
Even when the pandemic is fully contained, its consequences would last for many years to come.
15:30, 2021/30/08
Mitigating Covid-19 impacts on workforce necessary to keep growth: NA
The situation of people leaving large cities during the pandemic showed a necessity to have a new approach in the industrialization process.
19:44, 2021/44/27
NA deputies call for special mechanism for key economic regions
As the economy has been battered by the pandemic, it is essential for Vietnam to find new driving forces for growth.
19:58, 2021/58/20
Vietnamese Gov’t lowers GDP growth forecast to 3.5% this year
The Government is expected to soon issue an overall economic recovery plan, which serves as the basis for localities to carry out their own push for economic development.
13:48, 2021/48/08
Policymakers expect more large-scale support packages to aid economic recovery
The packages will help businesses and people overcome the hardship and return to growth.
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