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Hanoi celebrates Mid-autumn Festival with love and sharing
Kind-hearted people have made efforts to help disadvantaged children enjoy cheerful atmosphere of the Mid-autumn Festival.
Agencies and organizations have held different activities in different parts of Hanoi over the last weeks to help child patients celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival, the traditional festival which falls on the 15th of the 8th month in the Lunar calendar. 

Accordingly, children who are fighting with diseases at the National Institute Of Hematology & Blood Transfusion and the National Children’s Hospital have enjoyed the cheerful atmosphere of the festival brought to them by kind hearted people. 

Child patients received gifts at the event celebrating the mid-autumn festival at the National Institute Of Hematology & Blood Transfusion. Photo: Kinhtedothi.
Promoting traditional values  

Mask making, star lantern creating and lion dance were the folk games which were held in unison in different places including Hanoi’s Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Museum of Ethnology, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, and the mural space of Phung Hung Street with the participation of thousands of children.  

Particularly, an event themed “Festive Drums of Autumn Moon” created a vivid traditional Mid-Autumn Festival with an exhibition of traditional toys such as drums, masks, star-shaped lanterns, and “den keo quan” or lanterns, among others.  
Besides, there was also space for children to join in some folk games, make traditional toys and participate in an education program, which helped them gain knowledge about the traditional festival.  

Director of the Thang Long - Hanoi Heritage Conservation Center Tran Viet Anh said a series of activities are expected to not only create a playground for children but also reminisce the vivid atmosphere of the Mid-autumn festival in the past.  

Some streets in the Old Quarters including Hang Ma, Hang Luoc, Hang Ruoi, Hang Chai, Hang Khoai also hosts a number of activities to promote the traditional values, create destinations for visitors and the locals who are fond of Thang Long’s culture. 

Full of love and sharing

Last weekend, representatives from The National Fund for Vietnamese Children in Hanoi hold an event named “The Fairy Moon” for children who are under treatment at the National Institute of Hematology & Blood Transfusion and those in need. The children are excited with the circus, magic and music performances. 

At the event, the fund offered money to children from poor households and hundreds of gifts to young victims at the institute. 

Another health facility, the National Children’s Hospital held “Pink Mid-Autumn” for children which includes games such as catching fishes, art balloons making and calligraphy writing, among folk games. The hospital also offered presents and medical expenses for the vulnerabled.  

On the occasion, the hospital provides medical checkups to 3,000 children daily and around 1,700 inpatients. The annual event is considered a spiritual gift that may help mitigate sadness and pain for vulnerable children and their families. 
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