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2023 is the year of determination and creativity: Party chief Dinh Tien Dung
Son Nguyen 18:08, 2023/01/03
Hanoi aims to achieve a minimum GDPR growth of 7.0% in 2023, expand social investment capital by 10-11%, and increase the export turnover by 7.5-8%.

Despite uncertainties and challenges, Hanoi managed to finish 2022 successfully, and the capital city was able to meet the expectations of the Vietnamese people and the Government.

Dinh Tien Dung, Politburo member and Party Secretary of Hanoi, talks to Vietnam News Agency about the achievements and challenges of 2022 and measures planned for 2023.

Member of the Politburo cum Hanoi’s Party Secretary Dinh Tien Dung. Photo: Vietnam News Agency 

Could you share an overview of Hanoi’s socio-economic development in 2022?

In 2022, many challenges of internal and external origin had serious repercussions in Hanoi. However, the people and authorities remained united and proud to end the year successfully.

Hanoi achieved its 22 socio-economic growth targets and outperformed in five: growth of regional gross domestic product (GDPR), GDPR per capita, realized investment capital, export and import volumes, and an annual reduction in the number of poor households.

The most notable achievement was Hanoi's economic growth rate, estimated at 8.8%, higher than the national average of 8%.

Could you share some information about the progress of major construction projects?

In 2022, Hanoi introduced improvements in managing urban planning and development projects. Many major infrastructure construction projects were approved.

In 2022, the city authorities focused on major transportation projects, such as the elevated Ring Road 2 stretching from Vinh Tuy Bridge to Nga Tu So junction, Vinh Tuy Bridge 2, which is scheduled for completion in the near future, and the Nhon-Hanoi Station Nhon urban railroad project.

In particular, the city won the approval of the National Assembly for the Ring Road 4 construction project in 2022. The new ring road will create a loop connecting Hanoi with Bac Ninh and Hung Yen provinces. The city authorities are taking drastic measures to get the project up and running in 2023, intending to have it operational in 2027.

Could you give some details about the challenges that Hanoi had to face?

Apart from the achievements and successes, there were several challenges in the city's socio-economic conditions. Hanoi had problems in attracting private financing for local socio-economic development, especially for the fields of agriculture, high-tech industry, and support industry.

The Ring Road 2 project that stretches from Vinh Tuy Bridge to Nga Tu So crossroads is near completion. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Traffic congestion and flooding continued to occur around the city due to a lack of proper urban management. At the same time, the collection and treatment of solid waste and effluents remained stagnant, especially in several craft villages.

In addition, several construction projects were in breach of regulations on agricultural and forest land and have not been dealt with rigorously by local authorities. Some large infrastructure projects fell behind schedule, and the outlay of public spending continued to slow. In addition, the city fought against the ineffectiveness of fire prevention.

Some public agencies performed their tasks poorly due to the lack of disciplinary measures and the slow pace of reform of administrative procedures. The problems that arose in the districts and communes were not thoroughly resolved, which caused crowded concentration and social insecurity that was difficult to resolve.

Could you talk about the future development of Hanoi’s urban areas?

Hanoi will have two satellite cities in the future that are the City of the North Red River, which covers the three districts of Me Linh, Soc Son, and Dong Anh, and the City of Western Hanoi, which covers the towns of Hoa Lac and Xuan Mai. The development of these sub-metropolitan towns is expected to boost the development of Hanoi’s northern, eastern and western regions.

Hanoi needs to study more policies to develop its rural areas that facilitate socio-economic growth and cultural preservation. In addition, the city authorities have to pay more attention to the districts of Phu Xuyen, Ung Hoa, My Duc, and Ba Vi, which are among the least developed areas of Hanoi.

What does the year 2023 mean to the development of Hanoi?

The year 2023 is the milestone of the city's five-year development plan, which lasts from 2020 to 2025. This is the year in which all city Party units will conduct an internal evaluation of their performance.

In 2023, complicated developments in the world and the region may prevent the city from attracting private capital for its socioeconomic development.

In addition, inflation pressure and volatile fuel and material prices will affect a wide range of sectors, thus potentially slowing the country's and the capital's growth.

Could you share the city’s plan for its cultural development?

The cultural industry is a very important sector of Hanoi. The city's authorities have developed detailed plans to foster the development of the cultural industry. The city sees social and cultural development must go along with economic growth.

The Ao Dai Festival 2022 will take place in Hanoi in early December 2022. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Hanoi will continue to invest heavily in healthcare, education, and culture, cultivating a civilized and elegant city for its inhabitants. The city authorities will enforce the code of conduct in public spaces and offices and improve the quality of education, training, and health care for the people.

Culture is the basis for the development of millennial Thang Long - Hanoi. Recognizing this idea, the Hanoi government will turn the city into the national center of culture and values.

What will Hanoi do to achieve the fixed targets?

The Hanoi Party Committee hopes that the people and government of Hanoi will continue to record similar achievements in 2023. With the experiences and lessons gained in 2022, the city will strengthen its administration over subordinate agencies, hold leaders of subordinate agencies accountable for their decisions and actions, and mobilize the entire political system to fulfill missions in 2023.

Some of the main missions to be executed by the Hanoi authorities include reforming conditions for investment and doing business, improving the connection between banks and enterprises and startups, and boosting innovation and creativity.

Subordinate agencies and organizations should adopt technologies and sciences to restructure their economic growth models, partake more in global supply chains, and improve craft villages' efficiency, competitiveness, and production quality.

The city will also seek ways to increase its exports and develop the tourism sector. In addition, subordinate authorities should restructure their agricultural activities to make them more specialized and encourage farmers and businesses to use technologies to improve product quality and safety and establish their value chains.

Broadly speaking, Hanoi aims to achieve a minimum GDPR growth of 7.0% in 2023, social investment capital expansion of 10-11%, and export growth of 7.5-8%. In addition, the city will submit to the Prime Minister the two plans for Hanoi's urban development for 2021-2030 with a vision to 2050. According to these two plans, Hanoi will grow into a civilized and modern city that preserves its cultural and historical characteristics. The city authorities and subordinate agencies will also finalize their development plans for districts and special economic zones and improve the management of urban planning, construction, and environmental protection.

The capital also plans to strengthen the management of streets, sidewalks, and vehicles to reduce traffic jams and accidents. Hanoi will strive to speed up the progress of infrastructure projects such as the Nhon-Hanoi Station urban railroad, complete land clearance, and kick start the Ring Road 4 project.

Last but not least, the city will draft and publish regulations on the renovation and reconstruction of degraded apartment buildings. Hanoi authorities will also review and manage more than 400 projects where investors have not fulfilled their commitments to the city and have resulted in improper land use.

What do you expect from the authorities and agencies of Hanoi in the new year?

With the traditions of unity, accountability, determination, resilience, and creativity, the Party committee, the government, and the people of Hanoi will begin to execute their missions at once. With strong commitment, focus, and determination, I hope the city will successfully achieve the expected results in 2023. Despite challenges and difficulties, I wish the officials and people of Hanoi a good year of happiness, health, and success.

Thank you!

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