31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Cultural industry designed as spearhead economic sector of Hanoi
All 30 districts citywide can develop cultural industry, making it a spearhead economic sector by 2030.
18:51, 2022/51/20
Hanoi pledges to be open with press
The city vows to maintain its spirit of being open and transparent to the press.
18:11, 2021/11/23
Hanoi Party Chief urges elected representatives to act on people’s will
As a legislative body at the provincial level, the People’s Council is set to make key decisions for the city in the next five years.
20:18, 2021/18/06
Six major tasks await newly-appointed Hanoi Party Chief
Local media lists China-funded metro line the biggest task for the city’s new leader.
17:11, 2021/11/05
10 big tasks of Hanoi Party Committee for next term
The programs are expected to double the city's gross regional domestic product (GRDP) per capita from the current US$5,200 by 2025.
16:57, 2020/57/25
Hanoi disseminates Party resolution
The Party resolution is considered one of the most effective ways helping officials promote State governance in the future.
16:42, 2020/42/14
Hanoi Party Committee to focus on personnel issues in next 5 years
Personnel is considered one of major issues for Hanoi in the next five years.
18:08, 2020/08/13
Personnel of Hanoi’s Party Committee for 2020-2025 term announced
The Hanoi Party Committee's Standing Committee has 16 members.
19:02, 2020/02/12
Hanoi set GRDP growth target of 7.5 – 8% in 2021 - 2025
By 2025, Hanoi targets to have income per capita of VND190 million (US$8,300) and VND830 million (US$36,000) by 2045.
14:41, 2020/41/30
Hanoi leadership requests strict handling of illegal immigration
Hanoi Party Committee has requested local accommodation establishments to be responsible for declaring tourist information for health supervision.
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