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13th National Party Congress wraps up
Ngoc Thuy - Thuy Duong 16:54, 2021/02/01
By the mid of 21th century, Vietnam is set to become a socialist-oriented developed country.
 Overview of the closing ceremony. Photos: VNA

At the closing ceremony, delegates at the 13th Party Congress agreed on the development targets for Vietnam until 2025, with vision to 2045.

The 13th Party Congress was carried out under the spirit of building a clean and strong Party and political system, strengthening the national solidarity in pushing for a comprehensive reform towards socio-economic development and ensuring national security.

It set out the goal that by the mid of 21th century, Vietnam will become a socialist-oriented developed country.

The Congress also stressed the guiding viewpoint of defending the national interests based on international laws that ensure mutual benefits for all parties involved.

In this process, no effort would be spared to promote socio-economic-cultural development, Party building as well as national defense-security.

 Delegates vote to approve the resolution of the 13th Party Congress. 

Congress Resolution approved

The 13th Party Congress approved a resolution that set out the development path for Vietnam in the next five years.

Under the resolution, the overall development goals in the 2021-25 tenure and subsequent years are set to enhance the leadership capabilities and the fighting spirit of the Party, keep a strong and pure political organization, consolidate people’s trust in the Party, State and the socialist system, and defend the national sovereignty, in addition to inspire people to join hands in realizing the goal of being developed country with socialist orientation in the mid-21st century.

Vietnam would become a middle-income country with a certain level of modernization and industrialization by 2025. Five years later, in 2030, as Vietnam marks the centennial anniversary of the Communist Party, it is set to be an upper middle-income country. By 2045, when the country celebrates the 100th anniversary of the National Day, it is expected to become a developed and high-income country.

Among major orientations for Vietnam’s socio-economic development in the 2021-25 period with vision for 2021-2030, the resolution called for strong efforts against corruption, bureaucracy, interest groups and signs of self-evolution within the Party.

The resolution stressed the necessity to continue revising the growth model and restructuring the economy under the market mechanism, providing supporting policies for agricultural companies, pushing for technology transfer and application of technologies and innovation from the Industry 4.0, and promoting digital transformation and economy for greater productivity, efficiency and economic competitiveness.

More efforts are required to improve the legal framework, especially in intellectual property rights and civil disputes, which are seen as bottlenecks restricting the country’s socio-economic development.

To realize these targets, the country needs to make key breakthroughs in the perfection of legal framework for development while developing high-skilled workforce and socio-economic infrastructure, focusing on priority projects on transportation and climate-change resilience, and further investing in IT and telecommunication infrastructure.

Five valuable lessons of experience

From the reality of the ‘doi moi’ (Renewal) process, especially the experience learned from the implementation of 12th Party Congress’ resolution during the last five years, Mr. Trong pointed out five valuable lessons as below:

Firstly, the Party building and rectification must be drastically, comprehensively, synchronously carried out on a regular basis and effectively deployed in terms of politics, ideology, morality, organization and personnel.

It’s a must to build up a clean, strong, comprehensive State and political system; create a perfect mechanism of strict control of power; fight against the moral degradation, "self-evolution" and "self-transformation" resolutely and persistently; step up the battle against corruption and wastefulness within the Party.

Party’s personnel must be the most important task, focusing on building a contingent of cadres, especially strategic-level cadres of high qualification who are competent and reputable leaders.

Secondly, people should be considered the “root” in all affairs of the Party and State. It is necessary to trust, respect, and promote people’s right to mastery, and persistently follow the motto of “People know, People discuss, People do, People inspect, People supervise and People benefit.”

People are always placed at the center position, and the subject of the renovation, construction and defense of the country; all policies must come from the real life, aspirations, rights and interests of the People, taking the happiness and well-being of the People as the target to strive for.

In addition, the Party needs to tighten the close ties between the Party and the people, relying on the people to build up the Party, at the same times, consolidating and enhancing people’s trust in the Party, the State, and socialism.

Thirdly, in its leadership, instruction, management and implementation, the Party must have strong determination; promptly remove bottlenecks and problems; uphold the responsibilities of the heads associated with promoting the synchronous strength of the entire political system; promote democracy together with maintaining discipline; and well perform coordination in leadership, management and administration to create breakthroughs for development.

Fourthly, the Party’s priority should be given to synchronously building development institutions, ensuring harmony between between economic renovation and political and socio-cultural renovation, defence-security, independence, self-reliance and international integration. The party also needs to pay special attention to promoting the key role of human, culture, education and training, and science and technology as drivers for national development.

Fifthly, the Party needs to proactively study and accurately forecast the situation to avoid passivity and surprise, protecting independence and territorial integrity in parallel with maintaining a peaceful, secure and stable environment for national development.

It's also important to properly and effectively handle relationships with major powers and neighboring countries and efficiently exploit all resources to meet the requirements of the nation’s construction, development and protection in the new situation.

“These five experience lessons are important foundations for the Party to continue making use of and promoting creativeness in leadership and instructions to help the country remain firm and resolute to overcome new difficulties and challenges as well as heavier tasks in the 13th tenure,” the General Secretary, President confirmed.

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