31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Striving to foster, preserve and promote quintessence of the progressive Vietnamese culture richly imbued with national identity
The Party chief delivered an important speech with key messages about internal and foreign affairs and about the role of culture in the country’s development and defense.
12:25, 2022/25/21
Vietnam to bring to justice 10 corruption cases in 2022: General Secretary
Nearly half of the cases are related to the health sector, in which the alleged offenders are accused of abusing power for profiteering during the Covid-19 pandemic.
07:54, 2021/54/16
Vietnam's Party leader awarded Lenin Prize
Nguyen Phu Trong is famed for the “blazing furnace” crackdown on corruption that has sent dozens of high-ranking officials to prison since 2016.
20:45, 2021/45/07
Vietnam-Laos special relations ensure shared prosperity
Both leaders agreed the strong cooperation between the two countries has brought substantial benefits for the people and, thus, they are committed to further nurturing this special relationship in the future.
17:12, 2021/12/17
Party chief’s article on path to socialism translated into German
The work is expected to help German readers better understand socialism and the path that Vietnam has firmly chosen.
20:45, 2021/45/05
Vietnam brings five major corruption cases to trial
For the first six months of this year, over 70 Party organizations and 8,000 Pary members were disciplined, including 180 involved in corruption offenses.
21:49, 2021/49/24
Party chief’s article on path to socialism address root of social conflicts: Int’l experts
Economic development must be accompanied by social progress and fairness, said an expert.
20:57, 2021/57/06
Vietnam's Party chief attends CPC and World Political Parties Summit
The summit aims to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning from governance experiences between the CPC and political parties worldwide.
21:37, 2021/37/01
Vietnam sends congratulatory message on CPC's 100th founding anniversary
Vietnam stands ready to strengthen relations with China for mutual benefits.
16:03, 2021/03/05
Banking sector to maintain role as veins for economic growth: Party chief
Monetary policy should be maneuvered in a flexible and active manner to ensure sustainable growth and stability of both monetary and foreign-exchange markets, said the Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong.
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