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Vietnam’s rice ATM dispensers become int’l media spotlight
Nhat Minh 13:40, 2020/04/16
CNN reported that ‘a machine that gives out free rice – it sounds too good to be true’. Other international media agencies also paid attention to Vietnam’s rice ATM dispensers.

Aiming at helping those out of work during the coronavirus pandemic, the automatic rice dispensing project, called rice ATMs for needy people in Vietnam has earned the attention of the world media in the past few days. 

 The article titled "Rice ATMs’ provide free rice for people out of work in Vietnam" on CNN

CNN reported on Vietnam’s rice ATMs with a title “’Rice ATMs’ provide free rice for people out of work in Vietnam” on April 13. “Vietnam has 265 cases of the novel coronavirus and zero deaths, numbers that are significantly lower than the rest of the world. But still, to prevent further spread, the government has enforced social distancing, effectively shutting down many small businesses and leaving thousands out of work,” the article wrote. “For these people who are suddenly without income, businessmen and donors have set up machines that dispense free rice at several cities across Vietnam.”

CNN also quoted Vietnam News and Hanoitimes about time and locations of rice ATMs in the article. The number of the article’s sharing reached more than 9,000 times in the past two days.

Many international newspapers have reposted the article of CNN and many comments on social networks praised this idea of rice ATMs.

Bangkok Post article wrote that a Vietnamese entrepreneur in Ho Chi Minh City has invented a 24/7 automatic machine providing free rice for people out of work following an ongoing nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. John Wayne commented at the end of the article: “What a fantastic Idea. Can easily be scaled up by any Government. If you can get some rice you will immediately feel like there is a way to get through this. Bravo.”

On Singapore-based The Straits Times’ Facebook, Dele Lux commented that Vietnam’s idea was brilliant, it may not be the most advanced country on Earth, but sure is one of the most humane. “Vietnam with a population of 98 million people at home and millions abroad really controls the virus very well so far. Well done,” Freddy Low wrote on the fanpage. 

 New York Post’s article on the so-called rice ATM

 An article titled “Rice ATM feeds Vietnam’s poor amid lockdown” on Gulf News
 An article titled “Virus Outbreak: Rice ATM’ feeds Vietnam’s poor amid COVID-19 lockdown” on Taipei Times
 “It is most desirable in all poor countries or in countries with massive poor population like India. Only problem is to properly fix eligibility criteria and enforce it, (and) also the quality of the goods supplied,” Paramdham Param commented on an Indian newspaper’s article titled “Rice ATM feeds Vietnam’s poor amid lockdown.
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