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Vietnam, South Korea bolster cooperation for development of scie-technology
Phi Khanh 13:24, 2021/11/28
The signing ceremony between the two sides was held online on November 26.

The Vietnam-Korea Business & Investment Association (VKBIA) and Chungcheong Provincial Technopark (Chungbuk Technopark) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement to together promote opportunities for investment cooperation, trade connection, business development in Vietnamese and South Korean markets.

 Delegates attend the online event. Photo: VKBIA

Through the signing, the two sides are committed to implementing programs to foster exchange and transfer in the fields of technology, culture, education, science and technology, economy and trade, vocational training and employment.

This year, the Vietnamese economy and that of the world as a whole will continue to be heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The local cooperation, trade connection, science and technology cooperation, travel exchange between the two countries still face difficulties as the pandemic evolution is still complicated.

However, it is also the driving force that motivates VKBIA to promote the effective connection of activities and programs, and to act as a bridge to contribute to promoting stronger trade and contributing to enhance the relations between the two countries.

Lee Hyeonse, Director of Global Cooperation and Business Development Assistance at Chungbuk Technopark believed the cooperation between Chungbuk Technopark and VKBIA will strengthen the joint efforts to incubate and develop businesses, promote technology transfer between Vietnam and South Korea.

“Our experience and team of experts will connect and join hands to promote innovation and application of new technologies in science and technology with the Vietnamese side,” he said.

Dr. Pham Hai Chien, Chairman of the Vietnam-Korea Experts and Intellectuals Association (VKEIA) emphasized: “Our experts who are well-trained and specialized in many fields in South Korea will be the nucleus for this potential connection. In addition to receiving technology transfer, we hope to be able to support the development of Vietnamese products manufactured based on Vietnam's technology with the help and experience of our partner - Chungbuk Technopark.”

Tran Hai Linh, Chairman of the VKBIA said the two sides agreed to jointly boost information exchange activities, as well as  technology transfer and training as well as the exchange of experts in the near future.

“Our next goal is that small and medium enterprises in Vietnam can access technology solutions and experience from Chungbuk Technopark in deploying research results,” he added. “VKBIA hopes to bring advantages and potential values ​​to Vietnamese products when collaborating with the South Korean partner, including products created between the two sides.”

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