31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Newly-appointed Canadian ambassador: What a time to living in Vietnam!
The diplomat said he is eager to hit the ground running and start meeting Vietnamese from all walks of life across this incredible country.
16:13, 2022/13/28
Vietnam and EU strengthen cooperation in ensuring cybersecurity
Vietnam's Ministry of Public Security highly appreciates the EU’s support and active cooperation and experience sharing in building and enforcing the country's cybersecurity law.
21:05, 2022/05/16
EU expect to increase cooperation with Mekong countries
For the first time, a cooperation conference between the EU and Mekong countries is held in Vietnam, focusing on sustainable infrastructure and connection.
13:24, 2021/24/28
Vietnam, South Korea bolster cooperation for development of scie-technology
The signing ceremony between the two sides was held online on November 26.
20:55, 2021/55/26
Vietnamese PM puts forth priorities to bolster cooperation in ASEM
Vietnam is set to hold the ASEM roundtable on the digital economy by 2022 to promote digital transformation globally.
22:40, 2021/40/17
Hanoi, Vientiane discuss cooperation in the new phase
“Enhancing the ties with Lao’s localities, especially Vientiane, has always been the priority of Hanoi.”
17:54, 2021/54/02
UK and Vietnam enhance cooperation in digital economy
Opportunities are open for expanding cooperation between regulatory bodies of the UK-Vietnam on digital transformation and digital economy.
13:07, 2021/07/11
Vietnam, Netherlands seek soon ratification of EVIPA
Both the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA) and EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) would serve as the driving force to further boost Vietnam-EU relations.
14:57, 2021/57/10
Israel and Mekong region shake hands in drought management
They will focus on training, consultations, and exchanges of expertise, mainly on drought management.
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