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Vietnam produces face masks for US Marine Corps
Duy Nguyen 11:44, 2021/02/08
Vietnam has supplied a large amount of medical equipment to the US during the pandemic.

Two factories in Hanoi are making face masks for US Marine Corps by using cotton imported from the US.

US Embassy Hanoi staff at Doximex. Photo: US Embassy in Hanoi  

US Embassy Hanoi staff recently visited two factories outside Hanoi, the embassy reported, adding that members of the Embassy’s Marine Security Detachment joined political and economic officers to see how the cotton was spun into these impressive facemasks.

“Thanks to Doximex for showing us the production process and demonstrating how strong economic ties between the United States and Vietnam are helping people stay safe and look good,” said the embassy.

Cotton manufacturing is one of the most important industries in the US, making the country the world’s leading cotton exporter, providing approximately 35% of global cotton exports in recent years, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Vietnam, meanwhile, is the world’s 3rd largest cotton importer, consuming 1.5 million tons per year. It ranks the world’s leading importer of US cotton, accounting for 25% of the US cotton export.

 US Embassy Hanoi staff visits Doximex. Photo: US Embassy in Hanoi

Doximex is the first textile plant in the north equipped with advanced technologies, its partners are mainly Japanese ones.

Statistics by the General Department of Vietnam Customs showed that Vietnam shipped abroad 1.37 billion medical face masks in 2020 after the government allowed the export of medical face masks without any caps on export volume.

Emeritus Professor Carlyle A. Thayer of the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Canberra said that Vietnam can see an opportunity to supply high-quality masks to the world market while a number of Chinese masks and medical devices are being returned.

Economist Vo Tri Thanh reminded local makers of China’s low-quality face masks that faced lawsuits by European countries by saying “Vietnamese producers must be aware of the national prestige in making this kind of product.”

In another move, since the start of the pandemic, Vietnam has donated millions of face masks to a number of countries including China, the US, the UK, Russia, European countries, some ASEAN peers, the neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia who got a large volume of face masks and medical supplies.

During the pandemic, Vietnam has also donated face masks to the US in addition to the shipping of huge orders of medical supplies including personal protective equipment (PPE), face masks, and gloves made in Vietnam to the US.

According to VOA, Americans are more familiar with buying “Made in Vietnam” garments and footwear, given the Southeast Asian nation’s large garment and textile manufacturing base.

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