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Vietnam prioritizes deploying 5G services in high-tech agriculture
Phi Nhat 20:13, 2021/03/25
The country will promote the commercialization of 5G service and "Make in Vietnam" devices this year.

Vietnam will focus on deploying 5G in the fields of high-tech agriculture and the 4th Industrial Revolution, contributing to boosting the process of digital transformation in the country.

 5G related services are forecast to account for 7.34% of GDP growth by 2025. Photo: Cong Hung

The country will expand the deployment of 5G mobile services and "Make in Vietnam" devices this year, said Tran Duc Lai, President of the Radio and Electronics Association of Vietnam.

The information was given at the World Mobile Broadband & ICT Summit held by IDG and the Radio and Electronics Association of Vietnam on March 25 in Hanoi.

Addressing the conference, Phan Tam, Deputy Minister of Industry and Communications, said that science, technology, innovation and digital transformation are the strategic breakthroughs for Vietnam in the next 10 years. This will help lift the country status and be included in the group of upper-middle income countries by 2030 and that of industrial countries with high income by 2045.

“In that context, the Ministry of Information and Communications is determined to proactively deploying commercialization of 5G mobile services in Vietnam,” Tam said.

Telecommunication infrastructure is becoming fundamental for digital economy, digital society and digital government. The concept of digital infrastructure includes broadband telecommunications infrastructure and IoT, AI, Big Data, network security, digital identity and electronic payments. Mobile infrastructure and fixed broadband infrastructure will greatly contribute to the development of the country, according to local experts.

According to the National Institute of Information and Communication Strategy, 5G related services are forecast to account for 7.34% of GDP growth by 2025. From the world experiences, an increase of 10% in broadband penetration would yield an increase 0.1% in GDP per capita.

By the end of February, the total number of fixed broadband subscribers exceeded 17.2 million while the total number of mobile broadband subscribers reached nearly 69.5 million, according to Ministry of Information and Communications.

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