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Vietnam issues new template passports for citizens from July 1
Anh Kiet 16:31, 2022/07/01
The new template passports aim to prevent the creation of fake passports.

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) started issuing new template passports for Vietnamese citizens today [July 1], according to the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

The move is aimed at implementing Circular 73/2021/TT-BCA of the MPS on passport specimens.

Each page of the new passport will be printed with renowned Vietnamese scenery and cultural heritage, namely Ha Long Bay, Hung King Temple, Hue Imperial Citadel, Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary, Nha Rong Habour, Lung Cu Flag Tower, and among others.

This helps promote the image of Vietnam and uphold the country’s tradition, history, geography, and culture.

 The new passport is expected to ensure technical safety and prevent counterfeiting. Photo: VGP

Moreover, the passport with the new template is expected to ensure technical safety and prevent passport forging.

Vietnamese citizens can access public administration services offered at the two Government websites http://dichvucong.gov.vn or http://dichvucong.bocongan.gov.vn to apply for a passport, pay the fee and receive their passports by post or collect them at immigration offices.

Old template passports are still valid until the date of expiration which is printed on the passports.

Earlier, on June 1, the MPS officially issued online ordinary passports without electronic chips for Vietnamese citizens.

The online issuance of ordinary passports is applicable to those residing in the country with a valid chip-embedded identity card or a valid 12-digit citizen ID card, a valid account on the Government Public Service Portal, and the ability to pay  fees online.

People who are not able to make online applications can still apply for their passports in-person at the immigration offices.

The move aims to provide more convenience to citizens and promote the transparency of public administration.

Along with issuing passports without electronic chips via Internet, the Immigration Department has recently implemented other procedures, including the declaration of foreigners’ temporary residence in Vietnam at the provincial-level police’s website and granting entry permits to foreigners at the Immigration Portal.

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