Vietnam-Australia artificial intelligence cooperation network launched
Anh Kiet 16:34, 2021/09/01
The network will build an online community space and management software for members to participate in periodic activities.

The Vietnam-Australia artificial intelligence cooperation network, initiated by Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), is within the framework of a program to promote the National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This network will gather individuals, businesses, and organizations working in the field of AI in Vietnam to cooperate with Australian partners.

Initially, the network will create opportunities for members working with Australian partners to update the situation of artificial intelligence in Vietnam, Australia, and the world. Then, it will expand cooperation to many other countries and is aimed at building a sustainable artificial intelligence community with many computer science development activities in Vietnam.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Bui The Duy said that the network is a premise for a sustainable AI community cooperation in Vietnam, as well as internationally in the future.

“We look forward to learning from Australia and other countries to create a favorable environment for AI development in Vietnam, realizing the ambitious goal set out in the National Strategy on AI, bringing Vietnam into the Top 4 of ASEAN and the world's 50 leading countries in AI research, development and application by 2030,” Duy stressed.

 Poster of the Vietnam-Australia artificial intelligence cooperation network. Photo: VGP

The MoST and its partners call on individuals and organizations working on AI in Vietnam to sign up the network's Facebook group via facebook.com/groups/mangluoiai with a view to attracting at least 100 businesses and 1,000 individuals to join it.

The network will build an online community space and management software for members to participate in periodic activities, to share, contribute and develop the artificial intelligence industry in Vietnam. Its operations will be managed by the Department of High Technology under the MoST.

Individuals who can register to join the network include scientists, experts, individuals working in this field, including overseas Vietnamese.

The Vietnam-Australia artificial intelligence network is co-operated by FISU Club under the Vietnam Informatics Association, which consists of members from faculties, institutes, and training institutes in information technology in Vietnam.

The network is also accompanied by Aus4Innovation, which is an Australian development assistance program and a four-year collaboration between Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Vietnam's MoST.

Tom Wood, program director of Aus4Innovation, said that Aus4Innovation has a comprehensive plan to support AI development in Vietnam and the Vietnam-Australia artificial intelligence cooperation network is one of those activities.

The Covid-19 pandemic forces people to change the way they work and plan for the future. It is believed that AI will play an essential role in accelerating digital transformation, helping Vietnam's economy better adapt to changes and become more efficient in the time ahead, Tom Wood added.

He noted that the Aus4Innovaiton has had a comprehensive and substantial impact as well as promoted capacity and cooperation among elements of the innovation ecosystem in Vietnam.

Previously, in order to promote cooperation in knowledge and innovation with Vietnam, in May, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade decided to increase the budget for the Aus4Innovation Program by AUD3.5 million (US$2.7 million), raising the total grant to AUD13.5 million (US$10.4 million) to strengthen Vietnam's innovation system for the period of 2017-22.

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