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Touching stories in one nursing center for people with merit in Hanoi
Thuy Truc - Cam Anh 16:29, 2018/05/03
Six-day experience at the Nursing Center No. 3 for People with Merit in Soc Son district, Hanoi has left many touching, heart-felt stories, as part of an effort by the government to nurture gratitude from generations to generations for the people with meritorious services to the country.

Past teammates found while enjoying a nursing week
In an afternoon at the end of April, the atmostphere in the Nursing Center No. 3 in Hanoi is incredibly busy. People with merit in Soc Son district will say goodbye to the leaders and staff team of the center to return to their daily life after 6-day enjoyment of nursing and health care benefits.
People with merit soaking their feet in herbal medicine
People with merit soaking their feet in herbal medicine

The feeling of tearing themselves away from the Center’s staff reigned in many elderly people’s hearts. Nguyen Thi Binh, 79 years old, whose father is a martyr and husband had bravely sacrificed his life in the battlefield, had been on her own for many years raising two sons throughout their childhood study up to their maturity. The traces of time and austerity are clearly visible on the face of the once-beautiful-young girl of the youth volunteer corp, but Binh is not sad after all that had happened.
"We are really touched to see that the Board of Directors and staff of the Center have paid attention, shared, encouraged, visited and taken care of us as their family members. Every word, gesture, act of the staff members as our brothers or sisters will make us remember forever," Binh confided.
Le Van Quoc, from Dong Xuan commune and affected by toxic chemicals, had special feelings when, together with others, looking towards the 30th of April, the date when Vietnam was completely liberated.
People attend games at the center
People attend games at the center

"Our contributions in the war for national liberation, although small, have always been appreciated by the State and the City government through treatments with practical and timely policies," said Quoc.
In the story with us, he said he felt truly happy since each period of nursing care was an opportunity to meet his former fighting teammates to talk and share with each other. He never forgets those teammates who had fought and lost their lives in the battlefield. Bearing that in mind, in 2016, when he went to Ninh Binh for a period of nursing care, he came to the home of a teammate and then led that teammate’s family to find the burial place together with relics to help sooth the family’s longing for their lost member.
Caring for the people with merit with responsibility and devotion
After nine years of working at the Nursing Center No. 3 for People with Merit since its founding, Deputy Director Nguyen Van Thu said that the center is tasked with concentrating on rotating nursing and health care for the people with merit and families receiving government’s assistance in Hanoi.
People get health check-ups
People get health check-ups

Each year, based on the targets assigned by the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Hanoi, the Center makes calculation within its budget then receives the above elderly people. Often, for each care period, the Center receives 80 to 100 old individuals from various districts in the city. In 2018, the Center is assigned a service target of 2,261 care recipients; by the end of this April, 5 rounds of nursing and health care provision have been completed, receiving nearly 400 people.
Thu shared, on the first day at the center, all subjects have an initial health check, then receive their nursing cards. People having problems with joints, blood pressure, or cardiovascular system... will be monitored, well taken care of and provided with full medication. At the same time, the Board of Directors of the Center schedules around-the-clock medical staff presence to care for and handle health-related problems.
People with merit, when staying at the Nursing Center, are also served with traditional herbal medicine which is good for health, digestion and deep sleep. In addition, they have the enjoyment of soaking their feet in herbal medicine to help relieve painful bones or joints - the diseases elderly people often suffer.
For those who are under nursing care to continuously have a good appetite, the Center changes the daily breakfast, from chicken rice vermicelli, Muscovy duck rice vermicelli, to chicken porridge or other specialties in the region such as Phu Nhi rice cake, Ms. Vong steamed-rice pancake... For every lunch or dinner, there are always some specialties and the indispensable green vegetables which the leaders and staff themselves grow and take care of daily.
Le Thi Hoa Lu, a medical worker at the center, continues: "I and the staff team of the center always keep in mind that serving the people with meritorious services to the country is not only responsibility but also our expression of gratitude. The subjects with merit are like our grandparents at home therefore serving them is our joy and happiness."
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