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Another three Vietnamese digital platforms qualify for being popularized
Anh Kiet 07:26, 2022/10/06
Vietnam is expected to maintain its seventh place in the number of new app downloads globally.

Three digital platforms, VeXeRe, TATU, and Hocmai.vn, have been recognized as useful that should be promoted among the population, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

VeXeRe is a parking management and smart ticketing platform, TATU is an audio social networking platform, and Hocmai.vn is a digital learning platform. The MIC has asked the developers of these platforms to optimize them before promoting them nationwide.

 A screenshot of domestic digital platforms hocmai.vn. Photo: Nguyen Ngan/ The Hanoi Times

The move is part of the MIC's plan to promote Vietnamese digital platforms deemed useful in meeting people's essential needs.

To carry out such a plan, in early April, the MIC issued a decision on a criteria framework, establishing a board and a process to determine a digital platform that qualifies for promotion in 2022.

Accordingly, the digital platform will be evaluated in terms of legal status and capability of developers; functions and features of the digital platform; network safety and security; different features according to each situation and specific background.

The MIC had recognized three Vietnamese digital platforms, including VOV Bacsi24, which provides services in the fields of online medical examination and treatment consultation, the search engine CocCoc and the reading platform Reavol.

According to MIC data, the number of Vietnamese users of domestic digital platforms saw a year-on-year increase of 23.5% in August, with 494 million users.

In particular, an average smartphone user spent about nine hours on Vietnamese digital platforms in August, up 11.4% from July and  4.6% from January this year.

Digital platform users on mobile devices have been on the rise as the number of new app downloads hit about 312 million, surging 19% compared to  July.

In total, Vietnamese spent more than 930 million hours on local platforms, accounting for 13.7% of the time spent on all digital platforms. Therefore, Vietnam is expected to maintain seventh place in the number of new app downloads globally.

To celebrate the National Day of Digital Transformation, which falls on October 10, the MIC has asked the localities to intensify communication activities to raise awareness among the population and create habits of using the products and services offered on digital platforms, and speed up training activities in digital skills for people and companies.

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