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The image of Vietnam appears on Times Square
Jenna Duong 19:33, 2021/12/03
A promotional video themed Vietnamese marvelous landscapes was thrilling the passers-by as they walked through Times Square in New York City.

The promotional video was shown on a large-format LED screen on the facade of the Thompson Reuters building at the prestigious Times Square, New York, USA on the evening of December 2 (the morning of December 3, Vietnam time).

 The marvelous landscapes of Vietnam was thrilling the passers-by as they walked through Times Square in New York City. Photo: Vietnam Airlines

Times Square is famous as the busiest intersection in the world with an average of more than 330,000 people passing through each day. The Thompson Reuters building is one of the icons of the square with a large 700 square meter outdoor LED screen on its facade..

The video displayed the most famous tourist attractions of Vietnam, including the mysterious Son Doong cave, vibrant Ho Chi Minh City, the unique Golden Bridge - Da Nang, the magnificent Ha Long Bay, the poetic boating scene in Ninh Binh and a delicious piping hot bowl of pho in Hanoi.

The  sequence of images provide a glimpse of a  picturesque Vietnam to visitors, inspiring them to travel to Vietnam.

The video also announced the opening of the regular flight route between Vietnam and the US by Vietnam Airlines from November 28, 2021.  

Previously, on November 4, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a license for Vietnam Airlines to operate regular commercial flights between Vietnam and the US. This is the first Vietnam’s air carrier licensed to run scheduled air service to the US.

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