31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
China to donate three million Covid-19 vaccine doses to Vietnam
Vietnam is one of the destinations in Wang Yi’s Asian tour, which includes Cambodia, Singapore, and South Korea.
18:23, 2021/23/09
Vietnam announces targets of Chinese Foreign Minister’s visit
Vaccines and issues related to the Covid-19 fight will be discussed during the trip.
15:44, 2020/44/14
Vietnam says ASEAN doesn’t want to get trapped between competition of major powers
Vietnam’s top diplomat said ASEAN wants all countries around the world and those in the region to make constructive contributions, supporting and promoting peace and stability of Southeast Asia.
18:57, 2020/57/09
COC talks to resume by December: Filipino FM
ASEAN and China have negotiated on such a COC since 2002 with a view to reaching law-abiding rules on the South China Sea, but the coronavirus outbreak has delayed the talks.
07:55, 2019/55/01
Vietnam, China agree to maintain dialogue on South China Sea issues
Tensions in the South China Sea remain as Beijing shows coercion in the sea over the past years.