31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnamese customers stand above global average in pursuing healthy lifestyles
The survey noted Vietnamese customers have been more active in shifting towards a more healthy and sustainable lifestyles, with 90% said they have changed their lifestyles for the better from last year.
14:43, 2021/43/11
Vietnam moves towards cashless society
Nearly 50% of Vietnamese customers are using contactless payment, and 51% have e-wallet accounts.
17:03, 2020/03/31
79% Vietnamese consumers in favor of government’s initiative towards cashless society
Nearly 75% of Vietnamese consumers expect cashless payment to grow further in the next 12 months.
10:12, 2020/12/02
Vietnam allows another one-month stay extension for stranded tourists
Foreigners who have been in the country since early March will enjoy an automatic stay extension until July 31.
02:28, 2020/28/16
Hanoi, HCM City extend social distancing period till April 22
The stay-at-home policy might be further prolonged depending on the actual pandemic situation.
14:17, 2020/17/10
Vietnam PM urges repatriation of Vietnamese citizens stranded abroad
The priority of repatriation will be given to Vietnamese citizens stranded in Japan, the UK, and the US.
17:34, 2020/34/02
Vietnam not to penalize foreigners’ overstay during national social distancing
Foreigners whose visas expire when the Immigration Department is closed can have their visas renewed when their offices reopen, according to the notice.
16:30, 2020/30/28
Vietnam halts granting visa for South Koreans amid widespread Covid-19
Vietnam is concerned about South Korea's rising number of infected cases which have surpassed 2,000.
19:52, 2020/52/31
Two other Vietnam airlines suspend flights to China
Customers already booked a seat on those routes can get refunded or change to earlier flights free of charge, Vietnam Airlines informed.
16:42, 2019/42/25
Visa duration for foreign investors in Vietnam to depend on investment size
In the previous version, the law stipulated the duration of an investment visa for investors is not longer than five years, which was considered flaw by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee.
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