31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
UN Women, Japan join hands to mitigate Covid-19 impact on Vietnamese women
Evidence over the past year confirmed that the pandemic had a regressive effect on gender equality.
18:41, 2022/41/13
Vietnam’s economic recovery remains strong despite heightened global uncertainties: WB
The Government should remain vigilant about inflation risks associated with rising prices of fuels and imports, which may dampen the ongoing recovery of domestic demand.
16:37, 2022/37/12
Vietnam allocates over US$15 billion for Covid-19 fight in 2020-2021
Since 2020, Vietnam has faced four outbreaks of Covid-19, for which the government has mobilized resources to help businesses and people overcome the impacts of the pandemic.
11:32, 2022/32/04
Vietnam moves up in Covid Recovery Index
Vietnam currently ranks 14th among 121 countries and territories worldwide in terms of infection management, vaccine rollouts, and social mobility, from the last place in 2021.
17:43, 2022/43/12
Vietnam’s vaccine passports recognized in 81 countries, territories
The result is thanks to the cooperation between Vietnamese Government agencies and partners from other countries.
19:33, 2022/33/08
Vietnam’s Covid-19 infections surpass 10 million
Vietnam’s quick vaccination campaign has minimized fatalities, enabling the country to conduct recovery plans since October 2021.
20:23, 2022/23/05
Hanoi cherishes special relations with Vientiane
The memorandum of understanding signed between Hanoi and Vientiane would serve as the legal framework for cooperation between the two cities in the 2022-2025 period.
15:50, 2022/50/05
Vietnam's GDP growth set to rebound to 5.3% in 2022: World Bank
In the medium term, Vietnam’s vision to become an upper-middle-income economy will depend on its ability to evolve from its current growth model to productivity and innovation-led growth model.
20:46, 2022/46/25
USAID, UNICEF provide US$1 million Covid-19 supplies to Vietnam
The latest provision marks the intensified support for Vietnam’s Covid-19 response that USAID and UNICEF have extended over the past two years.
11:34, 2022/34/15
Vietnam’s high vaccine coverage – testament to solidarity: WHO
International support becomes relevant for the successful vaccination in Vietnam over the past two years, enabling the country to reopen the economy.
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