31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
USAID, UNICEF provide US$1 million Covid-19 supplies to Vietnam
The latest provision marks the intensified support for Vietnam’s Covid-19 response that USAID and UNICEF have extended over the past two years.
11:34, 2022/34/15
Vietnam’s high vaccine coverage – testament to solidarity: WHO
International support becomes relevant for the successful vaccination in Vietnam over the past two years, enabling the country to reopen the economy.
22:23, 2022/23/08
Vietnam after one year of vaccination: Facts and figures
The foreign investors’ positive sentiment towards the business environment in Vietnam is largely thanks to the country’s high vaccination rate.
22:29, 2022/29/25
Vietnam seeks int’l lessons for inclusive economic rebound
Vietnam said it’s time to re-evaluate threats and strengthen international economic cooperation and linkage for a more inclusive and sustainable recovery.
23:35, 2022/35/24
Vietnam Covid-19 infections surpass 3 million
Vietnam has put vaccination and the availability of Covid-19 drug as the core of the antipandemic strategy in the coming time.
15:14, 2022/14/16
Pfizer to soon supply 22M vaccine doses for Vietnam
Vietnam expects to get the doses in April or May.
16:59, 2022/59/15
Vietnamese youth join Asia-Pacific for a better post-Covid world
Plan International’s “Imagine” and “Better Today” help reduce the impact caused by prolonged lockdowns and pessimistic prospects facing young people.
15:17, 2022/17/06
Vietnam to buy 20M Pfizer vaccine doses for children aged 5-11
Vaccination against Covid-19 in Vietnam is not compulsory but people are warned of severe consequences when being infected with the virus if they are unvaccinated or got a single dose.
21:13, 2022/13/02
New Covid-19 response fuels Vietnam's recovery in post-pandemic period: Experts
The most important point in the Government’s new stance is guaranteeing the operation of businesses in any Covid-19 circumstance as long as they fully comply with anti-Covid-19 measures.
22:26, 2022/26/15
Vietnam’s Covid-19 infections surpass 2 million
Vaccination is the key to enabling the country to pursue its recovery plans.
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