31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Total assets of banks in Vietnam increase 9% to nearly US$520 billion
The total assets of commercial banks under state ownership accounted for 43.4% of the total of the banking sector, followed by joint stock commercial banks with 41.4%.
08:31, 2019/31/18
Vietnamese banks come closer to big deals
Experts said that a series of favorable conditions are encouraging local banks’ plans to sell shares to foreign investors for capital hike in a move to meet the Vietnamese central bank’s Basel II regulation.
15:01, 2019/01/16
Vietnam’s banking sector becomes more attractive to investors
Growing attractiveness of Vietnamese banks' shares is thanks to a positive revamp and strong outlook of the sector, particularly as Vietnam is accelerating global economic integration.
10:02, 2019/02/05
JP Morgan names risks related to investments in Vietnamese banks
Vietnamese banks belong to a handful of examples that combine well two factors of high growth of profit and long-term stability.
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